Your upcoming move will be here before you know it. Time is of the essence and that means you have a number of things that must be completed before you move. Here’s 10 things to do as you prepare for your move.

1. Prepare your goodbyes. Your move will suddenly come upon you. Worse, you’ll realize you didn’t get in every goodbye. One of the best ways to handle this is to start with your goodbyes early. Allow your children to have sleepovers with their closest friends, host a cookout for friends, and let your favorite organizations know that you’re about to go.

2. Choose your mover. As soon as possible, choose your moving company. You want to ensure that a mover is available on the date you need, so get this done early and put it out of the way. This is all the more critical when dealing with long distance moving companies.

3. Supply your forwarding address. The post office isn’t the only one who needs to know your forwarding address. Consider every creditor, banker, school or organization you deal with needs that address. You may deal electronically with some, but a current address is usually necessary.

4. Maintain a moving binder. As you gather your important documents, including the moving contract, you’ll need a safe place to keep everything. A moving binder, such as an accordion file, is the best option here. Include your medical records, school records, and other important paper work as you gather them.

5. Consider your finances. You’ll be dishing out a lot of money related to your move. You need to secure payment for the movers and have cash on hand for your trip. Budget your travel between your current home and your new home. Don’t rely entirely on credit cards when traveling.

6. Take measurements. A floor plan of your new home will come in handy. Use it to gauge where your current furnishings will be placed. You may find that some of your current furniture will not fit through the door. If so, sell these and buy new furniture once you are settled in.

7. Make a final vet visit. With one or more pets in the house, you’ll need to ensure they’re ready for the transition. This is a great time to make a vet appointment. Your vet will examine your pet, listen to your concerns about the move, and may provide calming medication to help your animal through the transition.

8. Finish up your food. Begin to shop less, while consuming the rest of your food. Go through your cupboard and make meals based on what you have on hand. As you near the time of your move, donate what you can’t use.

9. Give yourself a break. All the packing, sorting, record gathering and other responsibilities related to moving can be tiresome. You may feel that you and your spouse are losing out. Sure, you plan and pack together, but you need a break. The two of you. Here, asking friends to watch your children and pets for a night or a weekend is wise. Allow yourselves to catch up with each other over dinner and a play or a movie. Regroup and you’ll both feel closer and ready to take on the rest of your move.

10. Confirm the details. A few days before your move takes place, contact the moving company to confirm your moving date and both your current and new address. You’ll also want to check your airplane reservations. If you are driving, verify your hotel reservations.

Getting it Done

Yes, time is of the essence, but you’ll feel less pressure if you are prepared and organized. The move will soon be behind you, allowing you and your family to begin a new chapter in your lives.


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