2 Points to Ponder before making Jet Airways Online Ticket Booking


Jet Airways is a full-service carrier of India, flying to different destinations across the globe with its own aircraft and those of its partners. It is the only private sector legacy carrier in the country, operating international flights. Others are low-cost carriers, flying only economy class to numerous cities of the country. Etihad Airways of the UAE has a stake in Jet Airways, and both airlines operate together on many international routes. Jet Airways allows travellers to book tickets on its website and mobile application, besides the contact centres and using customer service. Jet Airways online ticket booking can also be done with various online travel agencies OTAs). Both these options have their respective merits and demerits.

Where Agencies Score over the Airline

Booking tickets online with travel portals has some advantages over taking up the process directly with the airline. A general search on the desktop or mobile platforms of OTAs can show a number of other airlines, operating on that route, their fares and schedules. This expands the choices for customers, who are looking to book a ticket on a particular route.

Secondly, if Jet Airways is the preferred carrier, then the agencies might offer some coupon or deals, combined with other travel products, such as hotel room booking, holiday packages or car rentals. This works to make the whole journey a cheaper proposition rather than just availing low-cost air tickets from the airline.

Thirdly, online travel portals also allow travellers to quote their frequent flyer membership number, which is used for earning miles. Thus, even when passengers book tickets with agencies, they can still use their JetPrivilege membership number to avail the benefits, offered to members.

Fourth, online travel agencies are crucial intermediaries, which ensure that the interests of its customers are protected. They can use their leverage with the airline to resolve the issues, if any. These issues could be related to compensation, refunds, service requests or any other.

Fifth, Jet Airways online ticket booking with OTAs has certain add-on features, such as Lowest Airfare Calendar, which shows lowest fares for months to come. It allows passengers to choose their travel plans based on lowest possible fare for a particular segment of travel. Likewise, flight details and fare rules are also shown.

Passengers can make their own choices based on their travel dates, better price offers, combo deals and other considerations. However, they can be rest assured of a hassle-free Jet Airways ticket booking process on these portals, which enables them to book fast and easily. All monetary transactions are done in a secure way with the best security practices in place. The tickets can be booked and check-in process can be accomplished from home or office or while on the move. This helps in saving considerable time and effort which would have otherwise gone in visiting contact centres or airport office of airline.


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