3 Reasons to Choose Turks and Caicos Islands for Your Next Holiday

Turks and Caicos

With summer 2016 here in the UK proving to be a less than sauntering one, many of us have instead of taking to the beaches taken to day dreaming about ones a little further afield in those true paradises where the air is warm all year round and the sun never fails to shine. If this describes you, why not stop day dreaming and instead live the dream by making luscious Turks and Caicos the destination of your next holiday?

The World’s Best…

For those who have heard of Turks and Caicos already, this might well be because Turks and Caicos is home to what has long been decided the best beach in the world, and which just so happens to occupy the northern tip of what has also in 2016 won the best island in the world award also via the trip advisor traveller’s Choice awards. In fact, not only does TCI’s Grace Bay Beach currently hold the top spot in the ‘World’s Best Beach’ category, but it has won the moniker numerous times now, and never fails to comfortably and confidently keep its well deserved place within the top three year upon year.

Then, what better place to holiday if it is sun, sea and sand that is driving your search for the perfect holiday destination. Further, you can make the most of Grace Bay Beach by choosing to enjoy your stay at the aptly named Beach House Resort, which is poised perfectly on the lip of Grace Bay Beach itself and sits snugly within the equally impressive and popular locale of Grace Bay, where many of TCI’s best loved shops, restaurants, bars and tourist hot spots are all located.

The Beach House resort isn’t though, it should be made clear, simply a favourite resort among those wanting to wake up with the world’s best beach on their doorstep (literally), but a firm favourite amongst those wanting to make the most of TCI by staying in a resort that equals its many world class rival resorts, yet does so whilst providing a more sympathetic and authentic TCI experience.

Occupying a colonially designed beach front mansion, accommodations are split into self contained and spacious suites which inside are jam packed with every modern and luxury convenience one could dream of, whilst outside many overlook the beach itself, providing some of the most astounding views the world itself has to offer. Hence, to see for yourself, or simply get booking, and escape another lack lustre British summer, head over to the Beach House Resort website.

The World’s Only…

To give a flavour of the unique, quirky, fun loving, hard working and life affirming culture you will be greeted with and surrounded by when holidaying in any part of TCI and which provides all of its inhabited cays and islands with the sparkle that makes it a real life Caribbean treasure trove, here is just another and perhaps surprising way in which TCI ensures it is not only offering many of the ‘world’s bests’, but as well some of the ‘world’s firsts’.

In fact, not only the world’s first but as of yet also the world’s only operation of its kind, no trip to TCI would be complete without island hopping, boating or biking over to the Turks and Caicos Islands’ much loved Conch Farm.  Providing half an hour tours for locals and tourists alike, Providenciales’ Conch Farm is a pretty magical and unique place where guests can learn all about the lifecycle of the famous Caribbean Queen Conch – which also happens to be TCI’s official country symbol, they are so proud (and rightly so) of it.

Aside from conchs for which it is most famous, the farm is also home to a wealth of sea life and fish, and provides an extremely interactive and ‘hands on’ experience making it a brilliant way to get in amongst what TCI is all about, meet some of its locals and learn more about TCI culture. Having been operating just shy of thirty years and going stronger than ever, as well as attracting more visitors than ever, the Conch Farm now also boasts its very own gift shop which is (get ready for the surprise…) full of the most perfectly formed and differently sized conchs for you to choose from.

Hence, to take home your very own conch farmed at the world’s only conch farm and for an all round fantastic day out, a shell farm might not sound exactly that great, but the reality not only does not disappoint, but blows any doubt about how magical this place really is out of the water – pun intended.

The World’s Finest…

One of the Turks and Caicos Islands’ newest and so most modern, impressive and luxurious resorts yet, the Blue Haven Resort is situated on the north eastern edge of TCI’s best love island, Providenciales. Hence, the resort is ideally located not only for tourists wishing to enjoy the best of TCI’s on land sites, sights and shops, but is too ‘only minutes away from world-class diving, deep sea fishing, bone fishing, kite boarding, eco-kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding or just plain cruising over to the uninhabited cays located within view’, to directly quote the Blue Haven Resort website.

Despite its prime location, this is not the prime reasons why the resort is proving such a massive hit with holiday makers from the world over though. After all, Providenciales is an island with a wealth of exquisite resorts. Neither is the Blue Haven’s own private beach, two restaurants nor its additional gourmet food shop and cafe or its lavish suites and (undeniably) enthusiastic yet professional staff the reason why those holidaying in TCI choose to do so at the Blue Haven. What then, is the real secret of Blue Haven’s success?

What sets The Blue Haven apart from all other resorts in TCI is that it is home to and owns what is currently the newest private marina in the whole Caribbean.  Hence, the Blue Haven is not only a world class resort, but an official TCI port of entry residing in the crystal clear waters of the British West Indies, making it an Island Global Yachting destination recognised by the official IGY Company.

To learn even more about Turks and Caicos and what makes it such a dream holiday destination, you can continue your exploration of these amazing little islands by heading over to the Visit TCI website.


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