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Also known as Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Newcastle is one of the biggest cities in northeast England. It is an independent city mixed with industrial grit and Victorian sophistication. With its awe-inspiring hiking trails, museums and galleries, diverse cuisine, and impressive bars, many travellers from all over the world are interested to explore the entire city.

Newcastle is situated in Tyne and Wear. During the Industrial Revolution, the city was a major manufacturing and shipbuilding hub. Today, it is a centre for sciences, business, and arts. Hence, it is one of the must-visit travel destinations in England. Apparently, DriveNow has car hire in Newcastle, which lets you discover this marvellous city with pure comfort and convenience. There are also other car hire services that would offer you convenience while travelling around Newcastle.

Filled with tons of beautiful and thrilling things to experience, Newcastle is a perfect place to explore with your family or friends. So, here are some helpful tips on how you can achieve a memorable city vacation in this vibrant city:

Thumping Nightlife

The nightlife in Newcastle is a renowned activity throughout United Kingdom. This striking nightlife scenario in the party capital destination of northeast England is boosted by a lively young population. Thus, if you want to experience a unique night out, then you must visit one of the popular bars or pubs in Newcastle. You will certainly enjoy the night and have fun dancing or drinking.

Shopping Destination

With a great combination of shopping malls, independent boutiques, and local and international stores, Newcastle is a shopping haven for all the shopaholics from across the globe. Your stay here won’t be complete without shopping at Eldon Square, one of United Kingdom’s biggest department stores. More so, you can purchase high street favourites or designer brands at competitive prices at Dalton Park Outlet Shopping Centre.

Booming Restaurant Scene

For all the food lovers out there, the dining scene in Newcastle is a must-try. There are numerous restaurants around the city that will absolutely satisfy any cuisines you are craving for. None of the culinary establishments here will disappoint you, for these serve only the best and most delectable meals that suit all your tastes. Additionally, you will be impressed with the ambiance and interiors of each restaurant.

Amazing Tourist Attractions

Getting around Newcastle is very accessible. You may take buses or trains to explore more of the city and visit its stunning tourist spots. Never forget to visit its diverse museums, libraries, and art galleries full of creativity as well as its magnificent parks and pristine beaches. Newcastle has a lot of things to offer to visitors of all ages. There will always be a place for everyone and time spent here will always be full of fun.

Exploring the lively city of Newcastle is, indeed, a great idea. With all the things mentioned above, your holiday here will surely be unforgettable and enjoyable. Spending your much-awaited break in one of the greatest destinations in Europe is truly worth your every penny. So, plan your trip to Newcastle ahead and have the best time of your life with your loved ones here.



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