5 Great Reasons to Visit the Lake District as a Tourist


As proudly stated via the UK Government run Lake District website, a staggering 15.1 million people visit the Lakes every single year, with many travelling from all over the world.

Of course, for anyone who has ever contributed to that number or who happens to be lucky enough to call the district home, this won’t perhaps come as such a big surprise. After all, the Lake District is one of the most stunning regions of natural beauty within the UK, and here are just five of the reasons why it is so – and it is not simply because of its wealth of mountains, fells, lakes and flora.

  1. The Food

The north of England is known for providing much of England and even Britain’s most iconic, best loved and also sweetest cuisine and foods, from the Cumbrian Sausage to the Chorley bun and the Mancunian tart to the Lancashire hot pot, and the Lakes is no exception.

Famed for being the home of course to the Kendal Mint cake, Rum butter and Herdwick lamb, for those looking to embark on a culinary staycation of epic proportions – or just epic portions (as is the northern way), look no further than award winning master butchers, Lakes Speciality Foods who are responsible for sourcing much of the region’s local produce served in its restaurants, cafes and pubs.

Meanwhile, to taste some of the local sweet treats, do not miss out on a trip to Sarah Nelson’s Grasmere Gingerbread Bakery, which boasts previous and regular customers including celebrities like Tom Cruise and members of Royalty including Prince Charles. Whilst spotting a celebrity in the shop cannot be guaranteed of course, what can is that even those not struck on gingerbread, will no doubt find themselves going all gooey for Sarah Nelson’s traditionally made Lake District rum butter.

For even more delicious culinary ideas and places to visit whilst in the Lakes, visit the Telegraph Newspaper website which last month (August 2016) published their very own, and very well informed, guide to the best loved restaurants in the Lake District.

  1. To Soak Up Some of Britain’s Most Awe Inspiring Landscapes

Just about every way you turn, look or gaze once within the Lake District National Park is likely to wow, stun and awe you. Hence, arriving in the Lakes with no plan or idea as to where to visit before hand is unlikely to result in disappointment. Rather, doing so can provide an exciting and exhilarating adventure.

What it is advisable though to plan and also book ahead of arriving of course is one’s accommodation. Fortunately finding a place to stay in the District that is as awe inspiring and steeped in history and beauty as its surroundings is easy. Simply head over to the Lake District Country Hotels website, where you can view and learn more about three such hotels.

  1. To Lose Yourself in a Literary Paradise

 The Wordsworth Museum in Grasmere is home to some of Britain’s most notable and important literary texts and original manuscripts as well as an array of William Wordsworth’s own possessions along with those of his close and somewhat more wayward friend and fellow poet, Samuel Coleridge – whose very own scales and opium paraphernalia remains at the museum to this day.

Visitors to Grasmere can also enjoy taking a guided tour of Dove Cottage itself to fully immerse themselves in the life of both Dorothy and her brother and once poet laureate, William Wordsworth, as well as hear some rather amusing, surprising and entertaining stories about how the family .

For younger book worms and families who are perhaps less into the Romantic Poets or those simply intent on working their way to all of the Lakes’ literary attractions,  The World of Beatrix Potter is an equally exhilarating place to visit whilst holidaying in the Lake District. Even for those not much into reading, the attraction is full of fun things to do, see, experience and also features a rather tip top tearoom that is sure to delight the entire family, from those looking for high tea for two to little ones who can look forward to delving into their very own Peter Rabbit picnic basket.

To learn more about the significance the Lake District has played in the literary history and endeavours of some of the Britain’s most esteemed, successful and regarded writers over the years and places within The Lake District of literary significance, you can do so via the Lake District Guide website.

  1. The Lakes

Of course, one of the major reasons why millions of people head to the Lake District each year is to explore, see, fish and take to the lakes themselves. And there are plenty of lakes to choose from.

From the most famous of the District’s waters, Lake Windermere to some of its more obscure waters like that of Buttermere and Bassenthwaite, which is in fact the only body of water in the whole district to technically speaking be termed a lake at all.

To learn more about why the Lake Districts’ lakes are, bar Bassenthwaite, not in fact lakes at all and which make the best and most beautiful to visit, pop over to the Northern Lakes section of the Official Lake District website which also contains a number of further resources and downloadable and printable information leaflets and guides which you can take with you when heading to the district.

  1. To Go Ape in Grizedale Forest

Not only home to some of Britain’s most stunning lakes, fells and mountains, it is a daily occurrence in the Lake District to see people literally swinging from the trees, zip lining through the woods or segway racing along the Grizedale forest floors thanks to Go Ape, one of the Lake District’s best loved outdoor activity company’s.

To learn more about the activities and opportunities provided by Go Ape and how to get involved, as well as the best times of year to go along, simply swing over to the Go Ape website.


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