It is better to travel well, than arrive.” These were the words of Gautama Buddha, the founding figure of an entire religion. A religion with more than five-hundred million followers. So who are we to question such a man?

Travelling, in essence, brings out every emotion in our body, hidden ones too. It helps us discover who we are individually and who we are in a group. Happiness, excitement, nervousness, anticipation are all a part and parcel that come with traveling. A complete parcel, difficult to resist. But as an activity, traveling has its issues. Not the traditional issues we relate to activities in general, rather they are slightly on the sillier side. The constant anxiety of whether we have or have lost our passport is one which never fails to leave our mind until we are safely backed home. “Have we carried enough clothes?” another one of the common hiccups in an otherwise, comfortable journey. But whatever said and done, traveling is worth every penny, all the blood, and sweat that is done while on the journey, as well as, prior to it. To help you with your problems and try to ease the strain on your mind, here are five things that can your travel a lot easier and comfortable:

A good wallet cum passport holder:

 As mentioned earlier, whether you accept it or not, you do get anxious about two things the most when you are traveling abroad. Your money and passport. The best way to deal with this issue is to invest in a good wallet, convenient to hold, accessible with a lot of compartments and small enough to fit deep enough into your pocket. Some of the better and more expensive wallets also have a lot of other accessories that come with these wallets. An opportunity for the fashionable people to exploit.


Jet lag prevention medicines:

This tip is specifically for those who travel abroad. Often one is disappointed at having to waste an entire day on landing at one’s destination because of jet lag. It kills all the buzzing energy and enthusiasm that one has accumulated for months, before the journey. The best way to avoid this buzz-kill is through the help of medicines. These medicines are available in homeopathic form as well and hence, have minimal side effects on one’s body. Some other useful tips that could come in handy would be to have enough physical exercise before the journey, to keep one as hydrated as possible and to get enough sleep the previous day/night.


A portable travel charger set:

From the 21st century onwards, man has never been more dependent on technology and gadgets to make one’s life simpler. Every traveler has a phone, a camera, an iPod, they may or may not have additional gadgets like that of iPad’s and Kindle’s and they will most probably be carrying a laptop. Most of these items are with him/her, at all times during the travel. So, it is understandable when the charge runs out and the gadget dies. Instead of cursing yourself for not having charged it enough carry one of these portable travel charger sets. Look at it like an investment with an unlimited return.

Prior research:

Life to a major extent is unpredictable. One cannot possibly know what might come up, when or where. That’s where a considerable amount of time spent on research on the place, the travel journey, the people, and the things to do, close by places etc. can provide you with invaluable help. Don’t rely on just the internet, while traveling try gathering information from the locals too. They prove to be extremely valuable in helping you around the area with whatever it is that you need. Comfort, peace of mind and invaluable knowledge are some by-products that you could expect from this exercise.


The ultimate beauty kit:

This would have caught the attention of all the female readers out there. Be realistic. You can’t carry your entire wardrobe. But you definitely want to look good and feel good when travelling and that’s as important as anything else. Carry with you a small mini-emergency kit with an emergency iPhone camera, to save you the trouble of carrying another camera. It is a well-known fact that women love their selfies so consider this as hitting two birds with one stone, maybe? Foldable ballet flats are another very convenient purchase. A jewelry roller to keep all the bling that is on you. And of course, a small makeup kit.

Hopefully, these small tips could help you out on your next journey and at least to some degree, help you keep a more relaxed demeanor and an enjoyable overall trip experience.



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