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6 Reasons to Choose Japan for Overseas Travelling


Japan is one of the most exciting countries that offer immense tourist opportunities for the travelers. This country is the contrast of both traditional and modern architecture and culture as well. Most of the people think that Japan is the best place for moving or relocation. The climate, landscape and food are the three main reasons why most of the tourists love to visit this country. This collection of islands has fascinated lots of backpackers. This nation has overcome itself from the surge of war and it has now become one of the most economic and technological hubs of the world.

Some of the interesting facts of Japan include traditional customs, cutting edge technologies, perfect melons, bizarre meal-time etiquette, empty orchestra and many more. This country is being inhabited since 30,000 BC, and it is estimated that 127 million people live in this country, having 10th largest population in the world.

Some of the things that you should keep in mind when you are travelling to Japan are described as below-

  1. You should be required to have a tender packing list including contents and packages and copies of passport and as well the copy of the e-ticket for clearing customs. The shipment will be cleared through Japanese custom services.
  2. The movement through air is less costly than services by sea for small shipments.
  3. All the rates described on the website covers the delivery to the destination terminals only. The destination charges are not included. Door-to-door rates are available upon every request; however, please keep in mind that they will be for some of the destinations only.
  4. Goods should be in the “ready for carriage” condition at the perfect time of pickup and should be lifted for one man. If you are having large cartons, please tell it to the driver in advance and take assistance for avoiding the surcharge for the extra man.
  5. The international shipping charges mainly depend on the total weight or the volume of the goods that are to be exported from one country to another.
  6. Pickup services are available in Japan.

So, I hear before that Japan is becoming a popular destination for overseas moving, the above points should be kept in mind.


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