Business Travel Expected to Cost A Little Less in 2010

Expected to Cost A Little Less in 2010

Recently, I got a new job and I have been traveling a heck of a lot for business – one thing that I have noticed is that traveling for business is very, very expensive! However, it seems that for 2010, it is all going to change and the National Business Travel Association forecast that rates are going to go down … which is a blessing!I work mostly in the hotel world and honestly, hotel rates have been slashed and dashed in recent years and if you have some misconceptions about hotel prices and hotel brands – now is the time to recheck them. Hotels have changed their rates in order to get some business and it is totally worth trying to take advantage of those rates.

Airfare however – that is something that will be raising up, however if you get higher airfare and a lower hotel rate, you might be able to even it out.


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