Hair Extensions For Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is a day when you deserve to look as fabulous and as glamorous as possible. There are loads of ways to do this, and a fantastic new hairstyle is just one of these, especially if you choose something which is dramatically different from your usual style. Even if you have never had hair extensions before, if you are looking for a good way to treat yourself and look fabulous at your wedding, then hair extensions may be the perfect hair solution for you!

If you decide to get hair extensions for your wedding day, it is a good idea to have them put in a few days before the wedding. This will give the extensions the chance to settle into place, and you will therefore be able to create a more natural look on the big day itself. It will also give you a few days to get used to your new look, and can even allow you the opportunity to have them removed again before the big day, if you decide that you do not like them. It is inadvisable to get the extension put in on the actual morning of the wedding, because even though the simplest sorts of extensions can be put in within a few hours, there is always the tiniest possibility that a complication can occur which may mean it will take much longer than normal. This will only create unnecessary stress on the morning of your big day, especially if you decide you do not like how the extensions look and decide you want them removed.

There are different types of extensions available for wedding hair, and which style you choose will depend on what you are looking for out of your extensions. Bonded hair extensions are cheaper to have put in, but may need professionally removing before you go on your honeymoon, since removal by an amateur can lead to hair damage. You will also need to have a trial run before the wedding to ensure that they are suitable, which may serve to increase costs. Clip-in hair extensions are a fantastic option for those on a tight budget, because they can be put in one day and taken out the next, then put in again, without risking unnecessary damage to the hair. The can also be taken out and put in by someone who is not a professional stylist, if you need to reduce costs even further. However, on your wedding day, it may be worth asking your professional stylist to help you, so that you look perfect. The most expensive option is permanent hair extensions, which can be put in a long time before the wedding, and then kept in after the wedding. However this option is far more expensive than any of the temporary products and you will need to have this type of extension done by a highly qualified professional, because the techniques used will cause lasting damage to the hair if they are not done correctly.

2012 Wedding Accessories Trends

Wondering what brides and bridesmaids will be wearing with their dresses in 2012? The latest designs for 2012 weddings have recently been unveiled, offering a sneak peek into what you can expect to see in stores when you start shopping for bridesmaid jewelry and bridal jewelry sets. Find out more about the 2012 wedding accessories trends.

Color, color, color! The more the better, and make it bright! This about sums up the number one trend for 2012 wedding accessories. And not just one color either; mixed palettes with lots of different hues will be very popular for bridesmaid jewelry sets and also for brides. Combine a rainbow of glittering Swarovski crystals into a fabulous wide bracelet that will become a favorite accessory for years after your wedding. Wide and chunky bracelets, necklaces, and earrings will be a hot look, and are a fun way to add personal style to any bridal gown or bridesmaid dress.

Color isn’t just for wedding jewelry. For the last several years, brides have been gliding down the aisle in shoes in any color other than white. It started with pale blue shoes worn for the “something blue”, then expanded to include pink for the classic bride and crimson for the dramatic bride. But in 2012, wedding shoes will be more colorful and festive than ever. Think coral silk pumps with crystal embellishments, royal blue pumps with sparkling butterflies, and hot pink ballet flats made from glittering fabric. If you are more of a classic white shoe kind of bride, step out in style in another 2012 bridal accessory trend: platform pumps. The most chic ones are embellished with lots of sparkle and really make a statement. Petite brides, your day to feel tall has come!

And don’t forget about your evening bag. Some of the most standout accessories displayed at the recent bridal market were the vibrant jeweled clutches made by Judith Leiber. These little beauties are simple small hard frame clutches completely covered with dazzling Swarovski crystals. The bags come in every color you can imagine, from Kelly green to hot pink to sunshine yellow. Here’s a fun idea: have your attendants carry fabulous crystal clutches down the aisle instead of bouquets. They will definitely enjoy their wedding souvenirs!

Ever since the outrageous British hats spotted at Princess Kate and Prince William’s royal wedding, American ladies have become fascinated by…fascinators. A whimsical wisp of feathers perched on top of the head is a fun trend that is showing up even on bridesmaids. They are a great way to add a unique flair to the cocktail party style black dresses that are trending for the bridal party in 2012. If you are the DIY sort of bride, you can make one-of-a-kind fascinators for all of your bridesmaids in your favorite colored feathers. White feathers combined with organza roses are fabulous for the bride, either on their own or as part of a birdcage veil.

Vintage inspired styles will still be going strong for 2012 weddings. When it comes to accessories, that translates to vintage inspired jewelry like chandelier earrings, cz Art Deco style bracelets, and romantic Edwardian style pendants. They are the perfect accessories for the stunning beaded chiffon wedding gowns that were all over the runway at Jenny Packham’s Fall 2012 bridal collection. Complete your look with a big bridal beauty trend: red lipstick.

Wedding Day Accessories Shopping Timeline

For women who haven’t sat down to think about this yet, there is definitely a timeline for wedding accessories shopping. Although most of you know what the dress timeline is, you may not be aware of the accessories timeline. Yes, the dress should be done at least 6 months before the wedding, if not more or you will pay a rush fee to get it tailored and delivered. But, what about the accessories? What about the wedding hair accessories and everything else? What is the timeline and when do you have to make sure you have them by? Well, here is a guide to when you need to purchase your items by:

Wedding Hair Accessories: The clips and combs for your hair will need to be purchase 2 months before the wedding. This is mostly because you will want to take those things with you to your hair trial appointment so that you can figure out the best way to wear them. Also, since you will need to have some idea of what you want to do with your hair before purchasing them, you can opt for 2 hair trials, so you can buy the accessory in between, but this is sometimes pretty stressful. Therefore, I recommend buying it beforehand and then seeing how it can work with your hair. Or, buy more than 1 and sell the one you don’t use on eBay.

Undergarments: Although you may not think this is important, what you wear underneath will help you feel good about yourself all day. Just think – if you are wearing granny panties, will you feel sexy? Or, if you are wearing a turquoise blue lacy underwear set, how will you feel then? The underwear is fun because it is for you. The bra on the otherhand is most important to match with the dress. Ideal timing for finishing purchasing these is 3 months before during dress alterations for your bra and 1 month before for your underwear. This gives you enough time to find the right items.

Wedding shoes: If you are shopping for your wedding high heels then give yourself at least 2 months. Also, you will need the shoes for the alterations which means you will need them at least 3 months before. Finally, consider buying wedding flip flops to switch into and make sure you have those at least 2 weeks before.

2009 Wedding Updos – Choosing Your Hairstyle

The 2009 wedding season is here full of fresh ideas for wedding locations, dresses, cakes and hairstyles. Most brides look to create a wedding that follows a cohesive theme. That means the dress, the hair and the accessories all work together to create the most memorable of elements for the wedding – you!

Below is some advice for choosing the best wedding hairstyle this year.

There are many options for wedding hairstyles. The first step in creating a beautiful look is finding a hairstylist that you trust to do wonderful work. If you have a stylist in mind, talk to them about wedding hairstyles you have seen and liked. Your hairstylist will be able to explain what may or may not work best for you as well as let you in on some of the best 2009 wedding updos.

Make sure to work practice hairstyle sessions in as you lead up to your wedding day. This way you will have a chance to see a couple of updo and other options. You will also be able to test the hairstyle with your veil and be able to wear it for a day to make sure it will last through the ceremony and reception.

The best 2009 wedding updos are easy to find this time of year. Flip through a few of the latest hairstyle and bridal magazines. The latest runway and fashion show photographs will also give a little insight on what’s hot for 2009. The hairstyle you choose doesn’t have to be a traditional wedding updo if that is not what you are going for. It should reflect your taste and the style of the wedding.

Right now, 2009 wedding updos are utilizing beautiful hair accessories to add dimension and artistry to the hairstyle. 2009 trends are marked with intricate yet delicate hair accessories which combine metalwork, embroidery, and crystals shaped into flowers, hearts, as well as more modern designs. Take a look at Karl Lagerfeld’s last runway show to see how these are being used with fabulous results.

For those brides with long hair, updos can be twisted around the head, with a slight messiness much like typical Grecian hairstyles. This is both sexy and romantic. Most 2009 wedding hair trends are foregoing the tighter, put together styles for more feminine and whimsical designs Think ‘soft’,’pretty’,’romantic’,’tousled’,and ‘feminine’ as you look for a wedding hairstyle this year.

If you have short hair, don’t worry about paying for extensions for your wedding. Maintain a real look and go for adding a hair accessory, tiara or a beautiful veil to make your hair look different for your wedding without being over the top.

Have long hair, but don’t want to wear it in an updo? The hottest 2009 wedding hairstyles for the long-tressed are big volume, large barrel curls that have a very natural look. This can be done by a stylist with heated rollers or a large barrel curling iron. A good stylist will know what to put on the hair to ensure it maintains the curls and volume throughout the day.

The hair is a big part of the bride on their wedding day. Take some time to think about the style you want, that will look best on you and will make you feel like the beautiful woman you are.

Beautiful And Romantic Wedding Flowers On Your Hair

To add a touch of sophistication and beauty to your wedding… wear flowers on your hair. It’s a simple but effective way to embellish the romantic mood of the day.

If you don’t know the names of flowers or how to wear them, don’t worry. This article will guide you every step of the way to ensure you will have a unique and perfect floral hair piece!

You have lots of choices when it comes to wedding hair flowers and I promise you really can have any flower and style you want.

Look through bridal magazines and online to find ideas for your favorite piece. It doesn’t matter how expensive or elaborate because you can easily make them yourself.

You can choose fresh flowers, fabric flowers, or faux flowers and coordinate them with your bridal bouquet. If you don’t know the names of the flowers, take the photo to a florist and have the identify it.

There are pros and cons to each of the three types of flowers. I’ll list them and let you decide which works best for you.

Fresh flowers for your hair piece can match your bridal bouquet perfectly. You will enjoy the fragrance and the colors can never be duplicated. They may be heavier than fabric flowers and are prone to wilting. If you are making your own, just keep them in a cool place, mist with water, and make them as close to the ceremony as possible.

Fabric flowers are very popular for wedding hair flowers. They can be made to match any color and are very light weight. They can be embellished with rhinestones and pearls and look good with additions of feathers and ribbons.

Fabric flowers are not always meant to look like a real flower as they are a work of art in themselves, but they can be made to look very real by using fresh flower petals such as roses as a pattern to make them. They do lack the wonderful fragrance of a fresh flower, but if that is important, a fresh bridal bouquet will be sufficient.

Faux flowers are a good choice as they will not wilt, are available in every season (although local stores do not have a good selection during the winter) and can be designed well before the wedding. There are many types of flowers available, but you may be limited in you selection.

Real Touch brand faux flowers are so realistic that it is hard to tell them from a fresh flower even when they are next to each other. They are more expensive, but they can be found on sale at Hobby Lobby throughout the year.

It is very easy to glue fabric and faux flowers to a barrette, hair comb, or headband. Hair pins can be wired by inserting a wire through the base of the flower, twist and wrap the ends around the hair pin.

Fresh flowers can be glued with a special floral adhesive available at a floral supply store or they can be wired by inserting a wire through the base of the flower. Place another wire just above the first one to form an X, bend the wired down and tape with floral tape to form a “stem”. Wrap the stem around a hair comb, barrette, etc.

Some of the most popular flowers for wedding hair flowers are:

– orichids
– roses
– freesia
– calla lily
– gardenialily
– anemone
– dahlia
– stephanotis

For the design, you can either copy a design in a photo or create your own. Flowers are so beautiful you really can’t go wrong. You are sure to make a big impression with flowers on your hair and it is a lovely way to accent your dress!