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Destination Tips

Best Use of Layover Hours in Beijing


Let’s start by saying that the worst use of layover hours in Beijing would be to sit around in the airport. Beijing is an exciting and exotic city with many iconic sites and attractions. Don’t miss the opportunity to see some of the sites of Beijing during your layover hours in Beijing airport. Many people don’t realize how easy it is to use those layover hours on a short excursion into the city or to the Great Wall of China. A 72 hour visa is readily available to visitors from 51 nations and the visa can be arranged on the spot at Beijing airport.

If you have 8 layover hours or more in Beijing then you have enough time to see the city or visit the Great Wall. Don’t waste your time trying to visit the city independently as you will spend a lot of time arguing with taxi drivers, getting lost and maybe even miss your return flight. If you want to make sure that you use your layover hours in Beijing in the most efficient way and guarantee that you will not miss your return flight then the best thing to do is take an organized layover tour.

With a layover tour you are met at Beijing Capital International Airport by a guide holding a sign with your name. You are whisked out of the airport and into an air conditioned car.  Then without wasting any time you are taken to the sites you want to see in Beijing and at the end of the tour returned to the airport for your departing flight.

So what can you squeeze into a layover tour in Beijing? Presuming you have about 8 hours you should choose between the city and the Great Wall. Calculate how much time you will be able to spend on your tour taking into account that you need to be back about 2 hours before your departing flight. If you have a short layover you will still be able to fit in the major sites of Beijing city. On a layover tour the guide can take you passed many of the sites which just need a photo-op and not a long stop like the Olympic Stadium, Water Cube and the Performing Arts Center (the “Egg”). If you were not with a guide driving you from place to place you would never be able to fit in a visit to all of these places as just getting to them would eat up all of your layover time. A city layover tour would include Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and a drive through the quaint hutongs of Beijing.

If you’d like to use your layover time in Beijing by visiting the iconic Great Wall then your guide can take you to the Mutianyu section of the Wall which is easily accessible and closest to the airport. The breathtaking Wall is surrounded by lush countryside and will live up to your expectations. No need to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience even if you will only be in Beijing for a layover.

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Destination Tips

Do you want to experience heaven at UK? Here is a classy way to enjoy it in a simple cost

heaven at UK

People around the world are busy as they resemble like a machine which is used to work for hours without any rest. Those types of machines get rest only when its energy goes down. Likewise our people also will have leisure time once in a month or once in a week. Some may wish to have a dinner with their family or they will plan a trip outside. Some people are really busy that they can’t even enjoy being with their friends. Those people will arrange a get together with their friends from which they will get a chance to meet their own friends. Thus all will wish that day to be a classy one and the place where they are visiting should also be in a preferable place. To fulfill all your expectations and needs there is a hotel that renders you all you needed. The hotel is named as verve hotel in Bedford Hotel (formerly known as Shakespeare). This hotel contains both boarding and lodging rooms in a classy manner. One need not spend time to travel and book your rooms and some are keener in checking the infrastructure of the hotel in which they are going to spend their free time. The management of the hotel eases its customers just by giving all the information in their website including the rooms they are providing with. The website also enables the customers to book rooms through online itself.

The rooms in this hotel have many varieties depending upon the customers booking. There are separate rooms that are to be named as single room, double room, twin room and family room. The customer can book rooms according to their needs. The rooms in this hotel also speak a lot about its classiness and neatness. It would be a heavenly place for those people seeking the best hotel to enjoy their outdoor plan. Some people wish to spend a lunch or dinner with their dear ones. This hotel is also known for its best menu. The menu provided by this hotel be in the minds of the customer and makes them to prefer the hotel for others. There are also English menus and also provides special day lunches, dinners and evening menu is also available thus making the customer satisfied to the utmost level. This hotel also has a bar facility in it.

Verve’s hotel is also a resemblance of best event making hotel as it fully arranges the need for meetings in a well astonished way that everyone will admire. These types of hotels with such a best service will offer high price. But to the strange, the Verve Hotel in Bedford offers the cheapest price which makes many reviews for this hotel. So one can surely prefer this hotel for a memorable experience that cherishes us, once you remember those moments spent with your loved ones or your colleagues in this hotel.

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Top 20 Things to See and Do in Scotland for 2017


 Scotland has some of the most astounding countryside to be found in Great Britain making it a most amazing holiday destination. Most tourists opt for the City of Edinburgh for their main destination, whereas others choose something a little different. This article looks at Scottish holidays and a selection of things to do while enjoying your accommodation Scotland. The article also introduces the Wickerman Festival. Below is a list of top 20 things to see and do in Scotland for 2017:

1. Mountain Climbing

With such a diverse countryside, the list of activities is endless. Climbing mountains is tremendously popular, as are hill walking holidays. The most popular holidays are fishing or golf. With Scotland being the place of origin of the sport of golf it should not be surprising that you are hardly ever too distant from a minimum of one excellent golf course. With the Rivers Tweed, Tay and Spey you can be sure of an excellent days fishing. But what if you fancy an altogether different holiday?

2. Music Festivals

Growing numbers of families are choosing music festivals their annual holiday. Even though most music festivals are huge with the main aim of making money, you can discover a small selection of music festivals suitable for the family, such as the Wickerman Festival and Tartan Heart.

3. The Wickerman Festival

The Wickerman Festival is a yearly music and arts festival takes place on farm land close to Dundrennan in Dumfries and Galloway about 5 miles from Kirkcudbright, Scotland. The festival theme is the classic cult movie, “The Wicker Man which the stars Sir Christopher Lee, Edward Woodward, Diane Cilento, Ingrid Pitt and Britt Ekland.

4. Glencoe

Glencoe is famous throughout the world and many families try to visit this marvellous place when on holiday to Scotland. It has stunning scenery and the views from Glencoe are regarded as some of the best in Scotland. Many holiday makers rent a holiday cottage near Glencoe and are enchanted by its peace and tranquillity.

To get to Glencoe you must travel along the A82 and many holiday makers are amazed by the stunning scenery as they drive along this road. It has superb woodlands and small streams winding their way down this picturesque mountain side. The area is particularly popular with climbers and walkers who can spend their holidays exploring the maze of climbs and walks in this area

5. Nature Walks and Climbs

Many popular climbs and walks include Aonach Eagach, Curved Ridge on Buachaille and Bidean nam Bien. Many holiday makers rent holiday cottages when staying in this area of Scotland and use them as a base to explore the beautiful countryside.

6. Aberdeen City

Aberdeen is referred to as the Granite City. It provides a great scope for shopping, night life, and sightseeing. One of the most popular attractions of Aberdeen is the Winter Gardens and Duthie Park. This park is located on the Banks of River Dee and many couples come to the city for romantic weekend breaks and take a stroll along the banks of the river.

7. The Winter Gardens

The Winter Gardens is a home to beautiful glass houses and amazing plants. The city centre of Aberdeen contains the Union Street, with hundreds of shops and two shopping centres. Aberdeen has some of the most famous art galleries and museums in the world. Some of them are Provost Skene’s House, Tolbooth, Aberdeen maritime Museum, and the Aberdeen art gallery. It is also one of the major seaports of Europe.

8. Aberdeen University

Aberdeen is also home to Robert Gordon’s and Aberdeen University. It has a popular football team that is well loved by the locals. The city is also a popular holiday destination for short breaks and long weekend stays with many couples staying in self-catering holiday apartments.

9. Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and is regarded as the party capital of Europe. Some of the best parties occur during Hogmanay on New Year’s Eve and the world famous International festival in August. Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Edinburgh are Edinburgh Castle, the Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre, the Writers Museum, the National library of Scotland and the Royal Museum.

10. Scottish Parliament and Palace of Holyrood

The new Scottish Parliament and Palace of Holyrood lie at the base of the Royal Mile. Edinburgh also contains The Royal Botanic Gardens. The Royal Yacht Britannia is also moored in the city is a very popular tourist attraction. Edinburgh is a great place for weekend breaks and there are some great holiday apartments to rent.

11. Seaweed Eating Sheep

North Ronald say lamb is a popular delicacy native to Orkney. The sheep are fed almost completely on seaweed which makes them acquire this unique taste which people from around the world sought after. So if you are in for some delicious North Ronald say lamb try it here where it is produced to enjoy its flavour at its best.

12. Caper Watch

Capercaillie is the largest grouse in the world and the most endangered bird. If you want to see these birds up close this summer, then visit the Loch Garten Osprey Centre in the Highlands. The caper watch follows the male Capercaillies as they try to woo the females during the mating season with the help of a CCTV. It is worth getting up early to watch this It runs till 17 May.

13. Castle Trail

Castles are an important part of Scotland’s history. It is fascinating to wander around these amazing buildings and ponder on their history. From cliff top of Dunnottar to Craigivar the castle trail in Aberdeenshire features 17 castles which is also the inspiration for the castle of Walt Disney.

14. Spring Fling

The Spring Fling runs during the late may bank holiday weekend. It covers the entire Dumfries and Galloway. About 100 professional artists open their studios free of cost to the public giving a unique opportunity to art lovers to see demonstrations, see what they do, talk to the artists and maybe buy a piece of contemporary art. Most of these studios are only open for this annual event. Apart from the main event of Spring Fling it also presents Spring Fling Fringe which is a festival of performance activities, food and drinks. It offers its visitors a diverse variety of evening activities to enjoy.

15. Ice Cream

In spring, there is nothing as fun as to go outdoors and eat ice-cream. The University Café of Glasgow sells prize-winning homemade ice-cream. Visocchi’s in Dundee and Luca’s of Musselburgh both sell ice-creams made from special family recipe. Largs Nardini’s has 32 varieties. Varani’s Forum cafe in Kilmarnock has exotic Italian gelato flavours like Turkish delight, Irn Bru and Parma Violet.

16. Scented Gardens

Due to the location of Scotland the spring comes earlier than the rest of Europe. In April, the world-famous rhododendrons of Scotland will start blossoming and new fronds will begin to appear on the ferns. In Arduaine Garden near Oban many rare plants can be seen from around the world such as magnolias, rhododendrons, azaleas and many more.

17. Water Fun

If you want to have some fun in water try the Galloway Activity Centre where you can do power boating, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing and canoeing. For children, you have the option of the centre on Loch Ken which hosts fun days for kids during the school holidays.

18. Cycling

Now that the long days are here it’s time to jump on your bikes and get some fresh air in your lungs. The island of Cumbrae has a 10.25-mile road around which is almost traffic free and flat you can enjoy your ride while admiring the picturesque views.

19. Caledonian Canal

The Caledonian Canal is famous for river barging in Scotland. Traveling through this river you can see the cities situated on the bank of this river and enjoy shopping in the craft shops. You can also visit beautiful castles and historical buildings during your stay on the bank of river. Loch Ness is a wonderful highland in Scotland and trip will be incomplete without visiting Highlands. There are lot of things to do in Scotland and it will be a memorable trip if river barging is an option to visit Scotland.

20. Castles

Castles in Scotland are major attraction for tourists and some castles are still lived in. Few of Historical Castles work as hotels in the cities where tourists can stay or have meals. Many castles have fallen or ruin due to passage of time but worth visiting. Edinburgh, Blair, Culzean are famous ruin castles which are still visiting places for tourists. They still look beautiful and you will not stop to capture these views in your camera.

Scotland is one of the best places in Europe to take a relaxing holiday staying in a self-catering holiday cottage. It has great scenery, warm generous people and superb food and whisky making it an ideal place to take a family holiday staying in a holiday home rental.

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Beach destinations in India worth ditching Goa for!

Beach destinations in India

The first thing that comes to our mind after hearing the word ‘beaches’ is – Goa. And undoubtedly, this is an ultimate beach destination in India, and the most preferred tourist spot among Indians and foreigners alike. While Goa has everything that’s required for a relaxed and fun-filled vacation, it gets really crowded during peak season. So those of you who want to avoid the crowd and spend some quality time with your beloved in quaint and secluded beaches, here’s a list of destinations in India that will make you forget Goa.


  1. Andaman Islands: With over 300 islands, all laid down with white sand beaches, turquoise water and coral reefs, Andamans is an ideal place for a beach bum. It is this island where you are spoilt for choices for the number beaches to visit. Right from indulging in water sports to exploring the walking trail and enjoying some quality time in calm setting, you can do it all here.


  1. Kerala: Known for its backwaters, beaches and coffee plantations, Kerala shares a 550 km long coastline overlooking the Arabian Sea. For someone who loves to hangout at the beach, Kerala offers a perfect escape from the city life. Some of the popular beaches here are Kovalam, Bekal, Varkala, Kozhikode and Alappuzha.


  1. Lakshadweep: The Union Territory of India, Lakshadweep consists of 36 atolls but only a few are open to the public. The serene and pristine beaches, water sports and sea food in Lakshadweep is what attracts tourists in large numbers. Also, the hotels in Lakshadweep are welcoming and best suited for honeymooners and families.


  1. Diu: Infused with Portugese history, Diu is one of the most understated beach destinations in India. Inspite of that fact, Diu has left no stone unturned in surprising the tourists with its unspoiled beauty. Here, you will find a vibe similar to that of Goa, but with a less crowd and commercialisation. Some of the popular beaches here are Nagoa beach, Jallandhar beach, Chakratirth beach and Gomtimata beach. If you are planning to visit Diu in the coming months, make sure to book your hotels in Diu prior to your visit as it is the peek season and sneeking in a hotel would be difficult.


  1. Karnataka: If you have a poetic soul and are looking for a laid-back vacations or are an adventure enthusiast, you can head to any beach in karnataka. Boasting of approximately 87 beaches in its vicinity, this destination will make your trip worth every penny. Besides the serenity and action-packed holiday, Karnataka is also famous for its temples so you can head here with your friends or family, alike.


If you have got other destinations in your mind and want to share them, do not hesitate to comment below and spread the word.



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Why tourists prefer yacht chartering in Croatia?


Croatia is one of the eminent sailing destinations of the Europe. Croatia offers fascinating places to discover with its 5,800km coastline and over thousands number of islands. Until the end of the World War I Croatia was the part of Austro-Hungarian Empire, after that it became the part of Yugoslavia. In 1991 it broke away from Yugoslavia and joined European Union in 2013.

 Croatia is one of the sunniest regions in the Mediterranean. The summers are hot and winters are mild i.e Croatian climate is Mediterranean in nature. As a sailing destination Croatian coastline offers long chain of rugged islands, lots of abundant anchorages rocky inlets, fine pebbles beaches and majestic bays. Apart from its natural beauties Adriatic coast of Croatia has excellent nautical infrastructure, for that reason at the same time sailing is very much enjoyable and safe.

Since 90’s nautical tourism in Croatia rapidly developed and nowadays all types of charter holidays available here. Yacht charter Croatia, sailing boat charter, catamaran charter Croatia are some very popular sailing ways. More than fifty charter companies and their more than sixteen hundred equipped sailing boats, luxury yacht, gullets, bare boats are available there. Tourists can rent yacht, sailing boats, gullets, luxury yacht with skipper or without skipper and crew. Boat rental Croatia is very much affordable to those who can afford to spend a week in a four star hotels by the sea.  There are over 50 marinas along the entire Croatian coast. Split, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Sibenik are some of them.

Croatia is known as the best preserved parts of Europe. in the distant islands like Vis, Lastovo which was closed for tourist until 1994 the real Mediterranean environment is well preserved. In this region people are living the way their ancestors do fishing, working in the vineyards, picking olives and making olive oils from that. In Croatia there are eight national parks, three of which are situated in  Brijuni, Komati and Mliet. Beside this there are eleven nature parks , among this two of which are located in Telasica bay on Dugiotok island and Lastovo island.

Croatian people are very much kind and friendly in nature. Most of the people speaks in fluent English. Beside this, they also speak in Italian, German and French. Croatian cuisine is very heterogeneous in nature. It has a great influence of Greek, Italian, Roman and French tradition with Mediterranean type. The main ingredients are sea food, vegetables, lamb and poultry. One can cook their own food in rented sail boats or try the local cuisine in restaurants.

Croatia is among the most selective countries of the world where there are still non-commercial places for the travelers to enjoy. This implies that in Croatia, still the tourists can enjoy most of the places without paying. Te anchoring is free. After boat rental in Croatia, you do not have to pay the anchoring fee. You just to have to find a beautiful bay and can drop the anchor there. There are lots of bays in this area; you can alone find a Bay. Really, it sounds great!

In Croatia, most of the people like to travel in sail boats. There are various companies that provide the boats or the catamaran charter in Croatia to the tourists. The boats are general and they are affordable. Croatia has several islands located in the small area. You will be getting chance to visit all the islands in small period.

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