Destination Tips

Destination Tips

Exploring Central New South Wales, Australia


Some of the wildest 4WD and camping areas are found in Central New South Wales. A little further out of Sydney on the edge of our 300km (long weekend range), there is generally less visitors, therefore greater opportunities for more secluded camping. The terrain encountered in Central New South Wales is varied and often spectacular. Much of the 4WDing trails and camping areas are in hilly regions, densely forested in parts interspersed with plenty of rich farmland.  In the higher, subalpine regions you can expect snow at times in winter and hot days in summer, especially in lower areas.

There are three major national parks located within the Central New South Wales region. Coolah Tops National Park in the northern part is mountainous, featuring snow gums, forests, valleys and snow in winter. Goulburn River National Park lies a little south of Coolah Tops and is incorporated in the North West corner of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. Abercrombie National Park is further south still and features some exciting 4WDing and camping options. Natural wonders abound throughout the region with a bewildering array of plants and animals. Two of the most exciting highlights to visit, being the Garden of Stone and the Glow Worm Tunnel. Natural attractions aside, the local Aboriginal people have occupied the region for thousands of years with examples of their presence evident throughout Central New South Wales. There are plenty of European historic interest, especially around the old gold mining country near Bathurst, Sofala and Hill End. Other towns of great interest to the visitor is Goulburn, Oberon, Mudgee and Coolah, with the coal mining center of Lithgow just on the eastern boundary bordering the Blue Mountains.

Northern section

There are several towns in the northern section, which are close to Coolah Tops National Park and Goulburn River National Park. Mudgee, founded in 1838 is set along the Cudgegong River in a wide fertile valley. Wine growing and farming are the major industries. There are lots of national trust buildings around the town, the Catholic presbytery being the oldest (1852).

Central Section

Bathurst Region

Bathurst is well known as the home of the annual V8s 1000km car race around the Mount Panorama circuit. However long before cars, it was gold that bought prospectors in there thousands to the region. Long before cars, Governor Macquarie crossed the Blue Mountains in 1815 and found a patch of land for Bathurst, arguably Australia’s oldest inland city. The plains west of the Great Divide became rich pastoral country. Some grand buildings of the Victorian ere stand in testament to Bathurst’s wealth gained from farming and gold.

Two towns near Bathurst really capture the spirit of gold mining history. Sofala is a tiny old gold town, founded in 1851. With a population of around 200 today, it is hard to believe that a gold rush once attracted thousands of hopeful prospectors. Some historic buildings still remain along the banks of the picturesque Turon River. For film buffs, two movies were made in town, The Cars That Ate Paris and Sirens.

Hill End had its brief glory in gold mining during the early 1870s. Evidence of the town’s rich gold heritage is everywhere with its historic buildings. For anybody remotely interested in Australia’s mining history, take an easy self-guided walk trail around Hill End. Look out for places painted by famous Australian artist, Russell Drysdale. Other walk trails take you through scenic Bushland with plenty of old mining activity still in evidence today. Due to old mine shafts in the area, it is advisable to stay on marked trails. Gold panning tours are popular with tourists around Hill End.

Southern Section


Goulburn with a population of 21,500 people is the major centre in the southern section of the Central New South Wales part of this book. Founded in 1833, Goulburn features many historic buildings. Goulburn courthouse, built in 1887, is one of the city’s finest buildings. In celebration of the rich pastoral industry in the region, Goulburn is the home of the world’s largest sheep made of concrete, the Big Merino.


Taralga is a tiny village of about 300 people situated in the Southern Tablelands about 45km north of Goulburn and about 1.5hours drive from Canberra. The town serving rich grazing country was quite prosperous. Taralga’s early prosperity is evident today with many well-preserved buildings dating between the 1860s and 1890s. The two pubs in the main street are real classics. Due to its altitude, snow is not an infrequent winter occurrence. Taralga is only 40km from Wombeyan Caves making it a great base.

Kangaroo Valley

This exceptionally pretty valley along the Kangaroo River is located in the Illawarra region, just north of busy Nowra. Visitors and residents alike enjoy the wide range of delights available in the valley. Amongst tall forest, impressive ranges and lush farmlands is the little village of Kangaroo Valley with cafes, restaurants and craft shops and galleries. Of great historic interest is Hampden Bridge, built in 1898. For lovers of nature, the spectacular Moreton National Park is located west of Kangaroo Valley. The 80 meter high Fitzroy Falls is one of several spectacular waterfalls located in Moreton National Park.

You can explore Central New South Wales yourself by using the Hema Explorer Australia app made by Hema Maps. The app provides reliable navigation while exploring remote areas and is available for download on Google or Apple app stores now.

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Destination Tips

The Best Beaches in Buffalo NY


Buffalo, New York – known country-wide for its famous snowfalls. Getting some of the hardest winters in the state, we all look to Buffalo for hearty winter tips. Why, then, would it have beaches at all? Well, it rests on Lake Erie, the picturesque gateway to Canada. It’s also close to Niagara Falls, a summertime flocking ground for tourists from all over the world. This means that visitors want to spend some time here, so why not hit some beaches in the heat of the July summer?

  1. Beaver Island State Park

This gem of a beach lies on the Niagara River on its way to Erie Lake. The sand is smooth, perfect for laying in the sun. There are benches and gazebos between the beach and plentiful parking, to give you the chance to take your time making your way to the shore. Stay for the day, enjoying opportunities for disc golf and marina visits.

  1. Bennett Beach

This is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the county, and there’s no cost to get in! Whether you’re visiting the area or simply need to get away while an AC repair service Buffalo NY is fixing your home, this is the destination. Described as “tranquil with a great atmosphere” by Step Out Buffalo, the journey between parking lot and beach is worth the visit alone. Walking over dunes brings the breathtaking scenery into view casually. The sand is uncluttered, as this spot isn’t often busy. Relax and enjoy the cooling water on a hot day.

  1. Lake Erie State Park

The Lake Erie State Park provides a beautiful long view of Lake Erie, but the best part about this beach is the opportunity for camping. If you’re visiting from out of town, or if your home is in need of repair, take the week to get away in these spacious cabins. The rates are reasonable, and the activities are non-stop. Take a week away from the ordinary and visit this beach as soon as possible.

  1. Times Beach Nature Preserve

Located just outside downtown Buffalo, the nature preserve rests on the coast of Erie Lake. Birds, wildlife, hiking, and relaxing beach time are all happening here. Located where the Niagara River meets the lake, this area is primed for education, nature watching, and happily combining land animals with aquatic creatures to help us all learn how the ecosystems support each other.

  1. Woodlawn Beach State Park

This area boasts natural sand, and measures a full mile. If you’re looking for a freshwater sand dune, you’ll find it here. The perfect place to swim and spend the day, this area provides one of the best views of the lake, complete with a boardwalk leading to a nature center and bathhouse. Take the day to get away from it all, whether you’re touring the area, or have an AC repair service Buffalo NY company on its way to fix that pesky AC unit. Don’t stay at home sweating it out; visit a beach and get away from the heat on one of Buffalo’s gorgeous Erie Lake beaches.


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Destination Tips

Take a Guided Private Tours to Oldest Towns in Turkey


Turkey is a nation situated on the outskirt of the mainland of Asia and Continental Europe. The state capital of Ankara has an exceptionally delightful scene. Verifiable places to visit and travel tours in Turkey greatest advantage to visit and learn. There are likewise numerous vacation spots in Turkey that you ought not miss when going by there. Moreover, Turkey has an exceptionally enticing assortment of culinary. Turkish culture and human inviting which adds to the warm benevolent air. Visit to Turkey could turn into a noteworthy option for those of you who need to go through the occasions with family and companions.


Must-See Ancient Citys of Turkey

  • Ephesus – Turkey

Ephesus is one of the best-protected old urban communities on the planet. It was a critical exchange and religious focus. Amid the Roman time frame its populace came to approx. 250,000. Sanctuary of Artemis was in Ephesus. It is additionally the site of one of the Seven Churches of RevelationSt. Paul lived and lectured for around 2 years in Ephesus.

In the old world, Ephesus was a focal point of travel and trade. Arranged on the Aegean Sea at the mouth of the Cayster River, the city was one of the best seaports of the antiquated world. Take a guided or sightseeing hop on hop off tours Ephesus to explore noteworthy streets drove from the seaport: one street went east towards Babylon by means of Laodicea, another toward the north through Smyrna and a third south to the Meander Valley.

  • Mount Nemrut – Turkey

A standout amongst the most astounding locales in Turkey particularly at dusk. Mount Nemrut (approx. 2552m) is an expansion of the Taurus mountain extend in southeastern Turkey. The summit of Mount Nemrut gives an incredible perspective of the encompassing mountains. The principle fascination is to watch the dawn from the eastern porch which give the bodyless heads a delightful orange tone and adds to the feeling of secret of the place.

  • Catal Huyuk

– Turkey

Catal Huyuk is one of the most established towns ever found by archeologists, going back over 9,000 years. While just having been exhumed sporadically in the course of recent years, the site has given students of history and archeologists incredible experiences into how humankind initially chose to sink into towns. Catal Huyuk is an archeological site in what is presently south-focal Turkey. Alongside Jericho, it’s viewed as one of the most seasoned urban areas on the planet, dating from just about 7500 BC.

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Destination Tips

Things to do in Dubai


Dubai is most important emirates of the UAE and is the famous place which people want to visit. Are you planning to tour the Dubai? If you think to visit the Dubai once then following things are mention that are must to do when you tour the place. There are many things to so and are love by the tourist. These places build the headlines and are the finest attractions of the visitors. The places that are short listed are;

  • Worlds’ largest tour
  • Underwater hotel
  • Manmade Island
  • Deserts
  • Spin building

These are the specifications of the buildings that are famous worldwide and dream of every person to watch and are really headline of the city. Here are the list of few famous places to visit and should not be neglected in the journey;

Burj Al Arab:


 It is located in Dubai and is the world’s fourth tallest hotel. It is located on the manmade Island which is 280m high from the sea level of the Jumeirah Beach. It is a luxury hotel and having the high-Tech architectural style.

The construction of the hotel is started in the year 1994 and is complete in 5 years (1999). It is open to the public in December 1999.  Do you know the features of the Burj al Arab?

  • The height of the building is 321 m
  • Having the 56 floors with 3 below ground.
  • 18 lifts and elevators
  • It has 202 rooms
  • It is built with 9000 tons of steel

It is a stunning and mind blowing place to stay with the exotic elevators and delicious seafood restaurants. This is one of the famous tourist attractions in Dubai.

Dubai Mall:

It is world’s largest shopping mall according to area occupation.  Are you interesting to know about the Dubai mall?

  • It is architect by the DP architects Pte Ltd
  • Constructed on 502,000 sq meter area.
  • 6 number of anchor tenant
  • 1200+ stores
  • 4 floors
  • The parking area contains the 14000+ vehicles
  • Emaar Properties is the owner of the Mall
  • Open on 4th November 2008

It is well known and has a wide range of stock. It is the greatest shopping and eating tourist attraction and also offers the indoor park for the kids, name “Kidzania”.

The tourist who come to see the famous points of Dubai, do not forget to tour Desert Safari Abu Dhabi. It is 1 hour away from Dubai. To have a ride in desert is easy because of numerous companies who are offering the pickup and drop services to the visitors from Dubai.  There are three packages offered by the companies to select, they are:

  • Morning desert safari tour
  • Evening desert safari Tour
  • Overnight Desert Safari Tour

Select one of the Abu Dhabi Desert Safari packages and make your trip outstanding and tremendous.

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Why You Will Love Visiting Waiheke Island


The amazing accommodation in Waiheke Island will make even the most bashful visitor feel at home. What makes a vacation with them so special?


The properties offered by Waiheke Escapes are not just a place to put your things while you enjoy the beach. They are outfitted with modern furniture and designed to make you feel like royalty. The plush carpets and palatial beds will help you feel welcomed and rested after a long day in the sun. The colour palettes give the spaces a contemporary feel and will create a holiday that you will never forget.


Not only do these rentals offer parking for your car, but they also offer docking for your boat. Some of the spaces are very near the water, giving you a great view of the Waiheke Island shoreline.


Depending on the space you choose to stay in, you may be able to bring your pet. The properties are thoroughly cleaned between visits, meaning that you and your pet will have a unique, unforgettable visit, uninhibited by any messes left by previous visitors.

Luxurious Extras

These spaces provide additional amenities that will make your visit a special memory. One of the extras Waiheke Escapes provides is a balcony. Some of the spaces are very close to the beach, so you will be able to smell the salt in the air, feel the wind from the ocean, and see everyone enjoying the beach. You will also have the luxury of enjoying Wi-Fi access while on holiday. You will not need to worry about making other accommodations to connect to the internet and post your beach experiences. The amazing accommodations in Waiheke Island will have you wanting to plan another trip soon.

Art and Culture

In addition to having a comfortable place to spend your time in, the activities available on the island will keep you entertained throughout your stay. You will have the opportunity to explore the Maori culture in Waiheke Island through different tours. These will provide you with insight into their culture and the opportunity to experience some of their favourite activities.


Rent a bike and explore the island in an exciting and unique way. You can get your exercise while on holiday with a variety of bike hire options. Rent for a short time or for the whole day.


If you prefer an activity in the ocean, kayaking would be a great adventure for you. You can opt to have a guided kayak tour or a self-guided experience.

All of these accommodations will help you enjoy your holiday on Waiheke Island. Not only is the island beautiful and a great place to enjoy being near the beach, but you will also have comfortable lodging. You can choose how large of a space you would like and whether you prefer an apartment or a house. You will also have a multitude of activities to choose from, so you are guaranteed to enjoy your visit to Waiheke Island.

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