Does Where You Stay on Vacation Matter?


No matter where your next major travel destination will take you, where you stay may or may not be a big deal to you.

For some travelers, the idea of staying in a five-star resort hotel is as if not more important than where they are actually traveling to.

Others, meantime, will be quite content with a hotel that provides the basic amenities, albeit sometimes meaning simply a bed and a bathroom.

No matter where your travels may take you the remainder of this year or in 2017, deciding on which hotel or hotels to stay at is something you will likely need to settle on, that is unless you are planning on residing with friends or family.

So, does where you stay on vacation truly matter to you?

Research and Book Early

In order for you to find the hotel or hotels you really prefer, there are several keys to going about this.

These include:

  1. Research – Before you do anything else, make sure you devote some time to researching the local accommodations in where you are headed to. There are a couple of different means to go about this, notably either working with a travel company or spending your own time surfing the Internet. If you choose the former, be it for affordable hotels in Brazil or the best package deals in Florida, be it Disney World or the Keys, always research the travel company before doing business with it. For starters, how long has it been around? Has the company had any issues with places such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) before? Is the company known for top-notch customer service? Make sure you do not just blindly start working with a travel business without getting a little background information In the event you decide to find your own hotel or hotels via the Internet, where do you start? A simple Google inquiry regarding terms like hotels in Brazil, resorts in the Florida Keys etc. will point you in the right direction. If you’re not familiar with how Google and other such search engines work, they typically pull the highest-rated businesses etc. to the top of the respective listings. That said any hotel showing up on the first page etc. of a search is usually going to be a very good one, though it is still incumbent upon you to spend some time checking it out;
  2. Looking for deals – While everything is not about money to most people, most people are perfectly fine with the idea of saving some of the green stuff if they can. When searching for the right accommodations for your vacation, look for hotels offering special deals. Typically, your hotel costs will spike on Friday and Saturday evenings, this simply due to the fact that more people come to hotels, motels, resorts etc. on those evenings. If you can schedule your trip as such, look to maybe stay in one of the nicer hotels/resorts during weeknights, especially what might be considered a little bit slower of a time like a Monday or Tuesday evening. Once you roll into the weekend (Friday-Sunday), go for something a little less expensive, having spent the earlier part of the week/vacation in a really nice hotel;
  3. Referrals – Finally, talking to family and/or friends who have stayed in different hotels can prove a great resource. They can give you honest opinions about which facilities to go for and which ones to shy away from. You can also review websites that end up ranking hotels, though keep in mind that some individuals reviewing such facilities may be jaded in their responses. Always approach the subject as if you are watching a movie, a movie that received 20 different reviews from 20 different friends.

Where you decide to call home for a week or more of vacation certainly does matter, but keep things in perspective.

Remember, you are essentially just putting your head down on the pillow each and every evening.

If you end up in a hotel that is less than desirable, you can either leave or remember that it is only a temporary holding spot.

So, where will you stay when your vacation comes around?


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