Faux Pas to Avoid in China – Avoid them totally

Faux Pas

There are a lot of places to visit in China, which can fill your mind and heart with immense joy and pleasure. Yet, you have to take care of some points while you are in China or it may lead to huge problems. Therefore while planning a China trip make sure to learn ways to blend in their culture. Below are some tips you will need to follow in China.

  • Never get upset in temples, homes or public : Displays of anger are frowned upon by the Chinese and are most uncomfortable. The Chinese placea premium on group harmony, so you should try to swallow hard, bepolite, and cope privately.
  • Avoid uncomfortable topics: People in China can’t talk about death topics. Actually, they feel uncomfortable if someone is talking about some death and any related topics to it. For them white color is a sign of death, so avoid gifting them any kind of white colored gifts.
  • Way of communication in China: Not many people speak English, so you need to carry some books or a language guide, which can help you understand their language. The best way to interact with the locals is to learn some gentle gestures like “hello”  “how are you” “thank you” and “sorry”
  • Don’t be touchy: People out there in China, don’t feel good when someone irritates them. Unlike in other countries people don’t like to shake hands. Here as a verbal greeting would be good for them. For the Chinese, their head is really sacred and they will feel really disrespectful, if you tap on their head etc.
  • Offer Gifts: It doesn’t matter whether you are visiting China for a business meeting or for pleasure purpose, but you shouldn’t stop offering gifts to various persons you come across. Chinese people love gifts. They treasure it as a memento. Although they can reject your gifts in the first place but don’t get offended as it is their tradition to refuse gifts when you offer for the first time.

They will definitely accept your gift. Thereafter a proper relationship can be made between you and the receiver. Avoid gifting clocks, umbrellas, shoes or green hats as they take these gifts, as a sign of disrespect.

  • Don’t offer money if the party is hosted by Chinese: If you go for a business meeting dinner, then you should avoid paying the bill as the host (Chinese) will get offended by this gesture. They treat their business clients, as their guest.


These were a few tips that most of the China travel agency will provide you only if you travel with them. Therefore, when you plan to visit China just take care of the above mentioned things and your China trip will be a memorable one.


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