Your wedding day is a day when you deserve to look as fabulous and as glamorous as possible. There are loads of ways to do this, and a fantastic new hairstyle is just one of these, especially if you choose something which is dramatically different from your usual style. Even if you have never had hair extensions before, if you are looking for a good way to treat yourself and look fabulous at your wedding, then hair extensions may be the perfect hair solution for you!

If you decide to get hair extensions for your wedding day, it is a good idea to have them put in a few days before the wedding. This will give the extensions the chance to settle into place, and you will therefore be able to create a more natural look on the big day itself. It will also give you a few days to get used to your new look, and can even allow you the opportunity to have them removed again before the big day, if you decide that you do not like them. It is inadvisable to get the extension put in on the actual morning of the wedding, because even though the simplest sorts of extensions can be put in within a few hours, there is always the tiniest possibility that a complication can occur which may mean it will take much longer than normal. This will only create unnecessary stress on the morning of your big day, especially if you decide you do not like how the extensions look and decide you want them removed.

There are different types of extensions available for wedding hair, and which style you choose will depend on what you are looking for out of your extensions. Bonded hair extensions are cheaper to have put in, but may need professionally removing before you go on your honeymoon, since removal by an amateur can lead to hair damage. You will also need to have a trial run before the wedding to ensure that they are suitable, which may serve to increase costs. Clip-in hair extensions are a fantastic option for those on a tight budget, because they can be put in one day and taken out the next, then put in again, without risking unnecessary damage to the hair. The can also be taken out and put in by someone who is not a professional stylist, if you need to reduce costs even further. However, on your wedding day, it may be worth asking your professional stylist to help you, so that you look perfect. The most expensive option is permanent hair extensions, which can be put in a long time before the wedding, and then kept in after the wedding. However this option is far more expensive than any of the temporary products and you will need to have this type of extension done by a highly qualified professional, because the techniques used will cause lasting damage to the hair if they are not done correctly.

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