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Playing golf can be a fun pastime, but is it worth investing money into the right equipment? Golfing actually provides many health benefits, and any investments you make will pay off with your improved health.

Burns Calories

Playing golf means that you have the opportunity to do a lot of walking. Some courses can contain up to four miles of walkable trails. Additionally, depending on if you are carrying your clubs or not, you may be burning even more calories. All of this exercise is a good opportunity to burn up to 1000 calories on a full game. Many think that golf is not a very active sport, but burning 1000 calories is certainly a great workout.

Gives You an Outdoor Experience

In a world where many prefer to stay inside and watch TV, getting outside in the sun is a necessity and benefits you in several ways. First, you will receive Vitamin D from the sun, which you will not receive while sitting inside your home. Being outside helps your mind relax and connect with nature.

It Is Not Dangerous

Unlike other sports, golf is low-risk. In soccer, you could trip while running. In basketball, you could easily sprain your ankle. There is no physical contact in golf, meaning there is no danger of someone pushing you or running into you at full speed. You will be getting exercise while practicing your strategy and coordination, and you do not need to worry about injury.

Reduces Stress

Often your daily work and/or problems can cause you to become stressed. Because you will be outdoors, interacting with others, or simply giving yourself time to think, you will feel less stressed. When you spend time with people who share your same interests, it can cheer you up and allow you to focus on something else. Doing something you enjoy allows you to feel happier and move on from any problems you might be experiencing. Golf in Thailand even offers championship golf courses to enjoy.

Gives You Better Sleep

Because you are exercising, you will sleep better. You will not lay awake in your bed tossing and turning with excess energy. Additionally, because of your exercise, you will enter a deeper phase of sleep for a longer period. This type of sleep will help repair your body and make you feel more rested.

Improves Your Vision

Playing golf helps you focus your vision. You have to center your attention on a small white ball as it is flying across the course. This will improve your hand-eye coordination through constant practice.

Strengthens Your Bladder

You may be surprised by this one, but spending your time out in the open air and away from any facilities will help you train your bladder. The longer you are forced to hold your bladder, the stronger it becomes.

These are some of the biggest benefits you can reap from playing golf. These can be gained from simply playing one golf round. Other benefits such as strengthening your eyes and bladder will only happen after repeated games of golf.


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