Hiking the Norwegian Fjords – The Awesome Beauty of Nature


While you can’t actually hike the fjords themselves as they are narrow bodies of waters situated between very high, steep cliffs, you can hike along and very near many of Norway’s most awesome inlets. This is a hike like none you will ever experience in your life and perhaps like none you’ll ever walk again. There is something so majestic about the scenery with those crystal clear blue waters and the backdrop of mountains on either side. In fact, due to the magnificence of sights like these, a great number of hikers gather in Norway just to see the awesome beauty they’ve heard so much about.

There’s Something Extra to Be Found on a Hike through Norway

Even though the actual attraction that calls to global hikers is the fjords, there is that hint of something extra that is unique to this wonderful land inhabited by people who truly appreciate nature and all it stands for in the grand scheme of things. You won’t find another country that is so totally immersed in green living with a major focus on a green economy. In fact, in Norway, conservation is a way of life and the Norwegian mindset is one that always, and in all things, will seek to preserve the natural beauty surrounding them. They are in tune with nature and are often seen out walking to enjoy the walk, and rarely will you hear them say where they are going. It doesn’t matter. What matters is spending time surrounded by incomparable beauty and if they get a few hundred meters or a few steps from home, they’ve spent time where they love most, surrounded by a majesty that is all their own.

Hiking Alongside Magic Lights

When hiking the fjords in Norway, one that you’ll definitely want to visit is Dølerud, located in Oslo.  Here, you’ll find Norwegian woodland dating back to the 17th century where many folklore and fairy tale myths abound.  A group of artists recently decorated this area with lights, so that those choosing to hike during the area will be met with a spectacular light show.  Custom made elements are in place alongside different sections of the trail, and the end result is truly breathtaking.  For a country that is completely surrounded in darkness throughout the winter months, this light show is definitely something that is brightening spirits and encouraging more people to leave their homes and get involved with nature.

Nowhere on earth will you find a people so in tune with nature that they seem to want to spend more time outdoors than they do by the warmth of their fire. Norwegians are a socially equitable people who love nothing more than to gather in friendship, enjoy their beautiful land and walk just for the sake of walking. Whether you are a seasoned hiker or just someone looking for the thrill of ‘uncharted territories’ you can’t do better than the night sky over the fjords on a walk through some of the most beautiful scenery on earth. This is what you’ll remember when you visit Norway – nature untouched by human hands and more majestic than words could ever describe. That’s Norway.

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