No matter where you go in the world, it seems, especially if you fly into a mid-size airport or a large, metropolitan airport, you will be able to obtain ground transportation from one of several large car hire companies. In fact, you do not even have to have a holiday planned that requires flying to a distant location to need a reliable hired automobile.

These realities make it necessary to find a good supplier of vehicles for hire, for whatever type of travel you have in mind. The leading providers have a range of cars available, from the smaller compact that is perfect for one or two to travel relatively short distances, to passenger vans for larger groups and camper vans for the all-too-brief holiday.

Groups Up to 10

Should you need to transport a group larger than the usual three or four in a family, for example, you can hire a larger van that seats eight or one that seats 10. Maybe you have plans to go on a group holiday, with accommodations located some distance away. Perhaps you are taking a group of friends to a sports event and want a vehicle that guarantees everyone will ride in comfort.

All of these vehicles, from subcompact to van, come with some excellent features, such as room for several items of luggage, automatic transmission so that anyone can drive, and both CD player and FM radio for enjoyment and relaxation while on the road. To put it simply, if you need a rent car, there are options for almost any travel needs.

Be sure to work with a provider that has only the cleanest, well-maintained cars, and one that includes unlimited kilometres in the hire agreement. Automobile Association breakdown assistance is generally included with each vehicle, along with several different insurance options to protect you during your travels.

A Bit of History

The rare information on car hire history indicates that the first companies offered vehicles for hire as far back as the early 1900s. This idea caught on and expanded until a privately owned company was purchased by one of the largest car hire companies in 1955. A second private rental company became part of another rental empire a few years later. Eventually, this business method expanded to Great Britain, Europe, and other countries.

Now, it is possible to hire a great small car, a medium-size car or a van, whichever suits your particular purpose. It is quite common for car hire businesses to offer additional items, such as special GPS systems, mobile phones, Wi-Fi and more. All car hire agreements will include the requirement for a valid driver’s licence, or an international permit if the person is from outside the country. Be sure to check on the minimum age required to hire a vehicle where you live or plan to travel. Most companies state that the individual signing the agreement has to be 18. However, some countries have regulations that require the person to be 25 years old.


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