10 Recommended Outdoor Activities To Enjoy On a Holiday In Scotland


For most people, the images that get conjured up when you mention Scotland are incredibly vivid and unique. No other country comes close to this small dot on the map, because even though it is tiny, there is plenty to see and do. From tartan-kilted highlanders, Bagpipes, skiing, and the mysterious Loch Ness Monster, the tourist is spoilt for choice. With magnificent castles and breathtaking scenery, this is the country that is best seen on the move.

The Scottish ‘tour experience’ is second to none, and whether you are in search of famous battlefields, whiskey distillers or the many lochs, you will always be able to find solitude and tranquillity in the remote mountains and windswept beaches all within easy reach of your Scottish accommodation. Here are a few suggestions for ten outdoor activities that personify Scotland as a top destination.

1 The Assynt Camping and Canoeing Experience

The Northwest of Scotland provides visitors with some of the most dramatic and stunning panoramic views in Europe. You can feel the ancient rhythm of the terrain as the rocks in this part of the world are some of the oldest that can be found anywhere. Intimidating mountains rise out of the waterways and lochs, making this region ideal for canoeing and camping. The lucky visitors can pass their holiday paddling canoes between camp sites, and experience the diversity of wildlife. If they are very lucky, they might even catch a glimpse of an eagle soaring high in the sky.

2 The Island of Mull Whale-Watching Trip

The best place in Britain to see a whale is in the sea around the island of Mull. This is a popular tourist attraction, and the Minke Whale is the star of the show, although the occasional Orca makes a cameo appearance. This is a perfect break for any sea life enthusiast, and with the water brimming with porpoises, dolphins, and basking sharks, there is always something new to see.

3 Loch Ness

There is more to see and do on the shores of Loch Ness than trying to catch a glimpse of this mythical lake creature. However, there is nobody that fuels the legend more than the locals, who have all seen Nessie and are willing to tell you all about it. The Loch Ness Exhibition is a logical place to start if you are visiting this region, and Urquhart Castle is worth a look too. Even though the castle and the loch are the most visited outdoor attractions in Scotland, there is enough space for you to realise just how big Loch Ness is.

4 Ben Nevis for Softies

This may be the highest peak in Britain, but the Ben Nevis Tourist Path is not too challenging. Perhaps, if you follow a slightly less touristy trail called the Carn Mór Dearg Arête, you will appreciate better the magnitude of the climb. This is the finest ridge in Britain and delivers you to the top, where you can enjoy a drink and a snack before descending.

5 Deer Stalking

If you want to take some amazing snapshots of the famous deer of Scotland, then head for the Knoydart peninsula. You can get here by ferry or a two-day trek across the mountains. Either way, you are in for a treat when you arrive in this isolated and stunning area. As well as snapping the deer, you can pay a visit to what is the remotest pub in the UK. The Old Forge has a welcome for everyone.

6 Eigg

Imagine white sandy beaches, and your mind drifts to the Caribbean. Imagine them without the sun, and you are in Eigg. This is a volcanic island close to the Skye. Apart from the amazing pristine white sand, there is wildlife and mountainous terrain to see and explore.

7 Mountain Biking

Scotland is a mountain biker’s paradise and has to be the best destination in Europe for downhill challenges. There are too many sites to mention, but everyone delivers an experience that is matchless.

8 The Ancient Forest

There is no forest in Britain older than the one in the Cairngorms. The Caledonian Pine Forest is ancient. The trees have some very unusual shapes, and the twisted pines stretch their branches far out over deep beds of juniper and heather. You can explore the forest alone or in groups, but if you want to see some of the wildlife go to the ‘hide’ in the forest of Rothiemurchus.

9 Scottish Style Dog Sledding

This is mainly a winter activity that is extremely popular. The sleds are on wheels if there is none of the white stuff but for authenticity the best way to experience this is on snow. The centre has almost 40 dogs, and they will pull you through forest trails and back home again. In a typically Scottish way, the kennels have been converted from whiskey barrels.

10 Sea Kayaking

If landing a boat on an uninhabited island and making a fire on the beach is your thing, then the Outer Hebrides is a good place to do it. There are 200+ uninhabited islands here, and you can explore them by kayaking until your heart’s content. No experience is required, and several companies offer guided kayaking tours.

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Putting Together an Amazing Monterey Golf Getaway


California’s stunning Monterey County is among the most popular golfing destinations in the entire nation. People who want to enjoy unforgettable Monterey golf vacation experiences are in luck. Planning an amazing Monterey golf getaway can be relatively easy and straightforward.

Breaking the Bank is Optional

Golfers who want to hit Pebble Beach Golf Links don’t necessarily have to reserve accommodations at pricey hotels such as the Inn at Spanish Bay or the Lodge at Pebble Beach. They can often reserve tee times the day in advance. They can sometimes even reserve same day tee times. This can reduce their costs in a big way.

Pebble Beach Isn’t the Be-All and End-All

A Monterey golf vacation can be a success without Pebble Beach Golf Links. If you want to enjoy golf in Monterey without having to spend too much money, you can look into nearby Spyglass Hill. Spyglass Hill isn’t as busy as Pebble Beach Golf Links. It’s also significantly cheaper. Its ocean landscapes aren’t shabby, either. To know more about the place and options simply visit the

Lodging Options Are Plentiful

Monterey golf getaways can get expensive fast. You don’t have to limit yourself to upscale hotels in the area since there are plenty of budget-friendly inns and hotels available to visitors.

Consider Visiting Seaside

People who visit Monterey for golfing should always have open minds. If you’re looking for a golf vacation that’s simultaneously economical and amazing, Bayonet and Black Horse in Seaside should be high on your list. This course makes a fine choice for people who are interested in inexpensive yet enjoyable sessions.

Don’t Hesitate to Visit the Valley

Don’t assume that the Valley is devoid of great golfing experiences. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Consider golfing at Carmel Valley Ranch, Quail Lodge and Rancho Canada. These golf destinations are ideal for people who prioritize amazing food, majestic views, attractive landscapes and beyond.

Explore Some Terrific Dining Options

The Monterey Peninsula is paradise for food lovers. If you want your golfing trip to be unforgettable, you should make dining out a focus. The region’s dining establishments serve wonderfully fresh seafood, contemporary American fare, Italian cuisine and more.

Don’t Restrict Yourself to Golf

Monterey County is a golf haven and offers much more than that. If you want your vacation to be well-rounded, think about enjoying other activities in the area. These include wine tasting sessions, shopping and hiking.

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Learning the Art of Surfing in Hawaii


Location, Location, Location

There is no better place to learn to surf then the birthplace of surfing, Hawaii. Hawaii is the most geographically isolated landmass on the planet, and the key to surf break is groundswell. This group of islands gets swell from all directions which combines with the wind, storms and currents of the Pacific to ultimately provide these beautiful islands with world-class waves.

The History of Surfing

Surfing is known in the Hawaiian language as he’enalu. It was first seen in 1769 by the crew on the HMS Endeavour commanded by Captain James Cook. When Europeans first saw people surfing they were amazed and impressed; Captain Cook’s lieutenant King called it “a most supreme pleasure”. Surfing was a central part of ancient Polynesian culture and the ancient Hawaiians did not consider surfing merely a hobby or sport, instead the Hawaiian people have made surfing part of their culture as an art form.

Where to Learn

If you are looking for surf schools in Hawaii, Waikiki, a protected beach on the south side of Oahu, is one of the best spots in Hawaii to learn how to catch your first wave. The waters at Queens and Canoes offer plenty of waves that are perfect for beginners to fall in love with surfing. For generations locals on Waikiki Beach know as the Beach Boys (Duke Kahanamoku is the most famous) have instructed visitors how to have fun on the waves with surfboards and outrigger canoes. Booths to sign up for a lesson are located along the beach at Waikiki, near the Duke Kahanamoku Statue.

You’ll also find surf schools in Hawaii that give lessons at gentler beaches at around Oahu. Lessons run between about 2 hours and are taught by experienced local surfers. Longboards make it even easier for to catch that first wave and steady hand from your instructor will help you get started.

The island of Kauai (The Garden Isle) has fifty miles of white sandy beaches. All of the beaches on Kauai are public, so you can feel free to explore as much as you want. One of the more popular spots is Poipu Beach, and a good beginner spot called Lemon Drops, perfect to learn on. On the southeast side of the island is Kalapaki Beach at the Nawiliwili Harbor that attracts many beginners and bodyboarders.

Maui (The Valley Isle) has great surfing and you never know when you are going to see a sea turtle from your surfboard. Some of the best beginner waves are found on Maui’s west and south sides. On west side you have the awesome west Maui mountains as a backdrop. On the south side, you’re walking distance to some of the best food in Maui. You can’t make a bad choice in surf schools in Hawaii locations. The Cove at Kalama Beach Park is the best beginner surf spot, think of it as Maui’s little Waikiki. A perfect place for first-timers, it’s a short paddle out from the beach and surfboards are for rent across the street.


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How to Transform Your New Year Holiday into a Fun Adventure


The end of one year and the start of another is a fantastic time for letting your hair down and enjoying life. Clearly, there are many ways of doing this and making the New Year into a fun adventure by going abroad is one of the very best approaches.

If you want to take your family away on an action packed trip at this time of year then there are some tremendous reasons for making the picturesque French Alps the destination that you choose. Many of the top resorts in the region are perfect for family trips, while others have a more vibrant party atmosphere to them.

At the end of the year you can expect special events such as street parties, music shows and other great occasions. Yet, there are far more potential benefits to this kind of trip then just the party atmosphere.

Amazing Skiing Action

Of course, most of us know the French Alps most of all because of its reputation as one of the best places in the world to go skiing. This region is absolutely packed with glorious ski resorts such as Chamonix, Flaine, La Tania and Morzine among others.

Each of these places gives you access to a massive ski area where you will find loads of different slopes that are suitable for everyone in the group to ski on. Whether you are in the Three Valleys ski area or the Espace Killy, you can be sure that you will find a great deal of skiing action here.

What a thrilling feeling it is to go out skiing at New Year and to feel that you are really living life to the full. If you normally celebrate this time of year quietly at home then this change could do you the world of good.

Even if you are new to the world of skiing, you can have an excellent time in any of these resorts while you try out this exhilarating sport.

A True Sense of Adventure

Adding a splash of adventure to your days is one of the very best ways to end the old year and start a new one. This is a New Year that you are unlikely to forget in a hurry.

The sense of adventure is palpable when you head into the French Alps to one of these spectacular ski towns. You will feel as though you are ending the year in the most incredible way possible when you head over here.

Best of all, this is a far easier adventure to undertake than you might initially think. For example, if you are travelling from the UK then a short relaxing flight followed by an easy transfer to the resort will soon see you arrive refreshed and ready for some fun.

Explore New Types of Food and Drink

This is also a fine opportunity to try some wonderful new types of food and drink. The best ski resorts are filled with numerous great restaurants and cafes where you can try typical French Alps Savoyard cuisine or opt for international dishes instead.

While you will find stylish places to eat with expensive menus, there are also good value places where a fun-loving family can grab a tasty burger or pizza in comfort.

In addition, anyone who wants to enjoy a party to end the year can try some fantastic drinks such as French wine and champagne to make the occasion even more special. There are plenty of great bars and pubs around this region where you will feel right at home.

Stay in a Cosy Chalet or Apartment

If the thought of staying at home doesn’t inspire you greatly then what about getting away to spend a few days in a cosy Alpine chalet or apartment instead? This is a lovely way to enjoy a cosy, homely atmosphere while being somewhere different and exciting.

Even if you feel as though you are right at home, just by looking out your window at the amazing scenery will make you feel as though you are somewhere very special. This is the ideal type of accommodation for a family looking to enjoy an easy trip with all home comforts close to hand.

The kids will love the independent nature of a chalet or apartment as well, while eating out on the balcony in the evening is a fine way of ending any day at this time of year. A relaxing break in a classy ski chalet could be the cherry on top of the cake that is your excellent family New Year ski holiday this year.

Look for Exciting New Activities

Why not think about ending the year with some once in a lifetime adventure in the French Alps? This is a simply amazing place to try out something different that you will never forget.

This could mean going snowboarding, trying ice climbing, going snowshoeing or trying any of the other adventurous activities on offer here. If you want to end the year with an adrenalin rush then there are few better places to do it.

Even if you don’t feel like going out to do something as strenuous, you can still have an adventurous time without working too hard. For instance, if you head out to the centre of your ski resort just before midnight on New Year’s Eve then you can enjoy a superb party where everyone drinks champagne and brings in the New Year with a smile.

Start the New Year in the Best Possible Way

Perhaps the strongest reason of all for going away for a family adventure is to start the year in the best possible way. No matter how good, bad or indifferent your year has been, this is a way to end it in style.

Going away on a skiing break to the French Alps is a brilliant way to bond with your family and end the year on a high note. You will all feel a lot more positive about facing up to a New Year after a few days together up in the snowy mountains.

Sometimes all it takes to spice up our life is the chance to get away to somewhere completely different for a few days. Any of the great French Alps ski resorts will give you a fine place to relax and enjoy some of the finer things in life for a few outstanding days.

Whatever you get up to while you are away, it is will be a trip that remains memorable in the long term for all the right reasons. We all love a special break like this and you will soon be dreaming about heading back for another Alpine adventure.

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