Four Reasons to Holiday in Thailand


When you decide to take a holiday out of the country, it may seem impossible to choose a location at first. With so many amazing countries to visit, holiday planning quickly becomes something to stress over rather than enjoy. Fortunately, the decision is made easier when you look to Thailand. Its rich culture, history, and beautiful landscapes bring in millions each year, because this phenomenal country has quickly risen to the top of tourist destination lists. If somehow you are still unsure, consider the many reasons so many people from around the globe pack up their belongings and travel to this amazing country each year.

The Resorts

Thailand is famous for its resorts, such as the Pavilion Samui, and all of the luxuries they have to offer their guests. The accommodations are beyond even your wildest dreams, allowing you and a companion, or the whole family, to spend your time in Thailand relaxing in the lap of luxury. At the end of a long day, you can share a delectable dinner on the beach and breathe in the warm, salty air. Once you finish your meal, let your loved ones frolic in the refreshing water and enjoy building new memories you will not soon forget.

An Unforgettable Wedding

The Pavilion Samui and other resorts also provide the opportunity to enjoy a wedding unlike any other. Whether this is your first time at the altar or not, you deserve a wedding fit to make all of your guests jealous. After all, marriage is something that should be celebrated and there is no better way to do that than with a beach wedding on one of Thailand’s most famous expanses of sand and sea.

Paradise on Earth

Once you know that you want to visit Thailand, consider a pool villa in Koh Samui. This is one of the islands just off the coast of Thailand and it is, by far, home to some of the most beautiful landscapes. The food on this island paradise is beyond anything you might find at home, and the locals are always happy to invite you in for a meal and the swapping of good stories. Once you get a taste of the many luxuries available, you may decide to spend your next two holidays in Thailand just to take advantage of the fun to be had there.

The Cuisine

Whether you stop at a local street stall or at a five-star restaurant, you are sure to find delectable food you wish you could bring home with you. Once you arrive in Thailand, take a moment to purchase one of the extremely low-cost treats available on almost every street corner. In fact, for just a few cents, you can enjoy a kebab of delicious beef, pork, or chicken cooked to order and bursting with flavour.

The local restaurants use freshly caught and farmed ingredients, leaving you full and satisfied every time you sit down to eat. As if this were not enough reason to come, the low cost of enjoying even the most luxurious restaurants means the smallest budget can handle them. At the end of a day tasting all of the many flavours available, you can settle down in your comfortable, resort bed and breathe a sigh of contentment.

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What to See in Paris If You Only Have 4 Days


There is simply so much to see and enjoy in Paris, to the extent that there’s really no way that you can see and admire everything this city has to offer over the course of a regular holiday. But if this is your first time in the city, you’ll certainly want to see as much as you can. With that in mind, we’re offering a concise itinerary that will introduce you to Paris’ best monuments, finest architecture and most talked-about museums.

Even if you only have 4 days in Paris, you can still see a great deal if you stick to this itinerary:

Day 1

  • Bus Tour of Paris
    This is the best way to orient yourself in the city. Take in the Paris skyline and see where each of this city’s iconic sites is in relation to the others. See anything you would like to explore up close? That’s not a problem, because the sightseeing buses in Paris allow you to hop on and off as you please.
  • Louvre Museum
    This is a must-see attraction, and it makes a comfortable midday diversion. The artwork on display here spans several millennia and features crowd-favourites including the Mona Lisa!
  • Notre Dame Cathedral
    French gothic architecture at its finest! You’re read about it in stories and seen it on film, but nothing compares to admiring Notre Dame Cathedral in person.

Day 2

  • Pantheon
    This neoclassical building is the final resting place for some of the most famous people in French history. Admire the fine marble work inside.

  • Musée d’Orsay
    With artwork spanning the 19th and 20th centuries, this museum is one of Paris’ most-celebrated.

  • Palais Garnier
    This historic venue has featured in the likes of Phantom of the Opera and other productions. Join a behind-the-scenes tour of the opera house whilst here.

Day 3

  • Montparnasse Tower
    This is Paris’ only true feat of high-rise construction. Head to the observation deck on the 56th floor of the building for fine views over Paris.

  • Centre Pompidou
    This is the largest, most-celebrated modern art gallery in Paris. It has more than 50,000 works of art on display, covering a range of styles and media.

  • Picasso Museum
    Set in the Hotel Salé, this museum is wholly dedicated to Picasso and his life’s work. Many of his most famous works are found here.

Day 4

  • River Cruise
    You’ve seen the city by bus. You’ve ascended to the high perch of Montparnasse Tower. Now take to the River Seine and enjoy the view that greeted ancient visitors. Many of the city’s most iconic sites, including the Eiffel Tower, are right on the banks of the river.

  • Arc de Triomphe
    After seeing the Eiffel Tower from the river, it’s time to visit Paris’ other iconic monument – the Arc de Triomphe. First commissioned by Napoleon, this monument honours the fallen soldiers of France. To complete your visit, climb to the viewing platform for panoramas over the Etoile.

Don’t worry if you aren’t able to see as much as you’d hoped during your time in Paris. This is, after all, a city worth visiting over and over again.


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The Advantages of Having a Holiday Home in Hua Hin

Hua Hin Condo

If you are looking to retire or move to Thailand to enjoy the exotic locale and beautiful beaches, you may want to look into moving to Hua Hin. It isn’t far from Bangkok, so if you have business there or wish to take in the sights of the big city, you can easily drive there in about two and a half hours. For city-goers, trains also represent a quick mode of transportation to and from Hua Hin. Hua Hin has long been a popular resort area, but now there are several new residential resorts available and more are being built near its beautiful beaches.

Enjoy Luxurious Accommodations

The residential resorts being built on the Malay Peninsula, where Hua Hin is located, offer ultra-modern amenities to the owners. Many of the units are suitable for families and would make for a good condo investment or คอนโดน่าลงทุน as a holiday home, or as a permanent residence if you happen to be retired. Most of the units available at projects like The Energy face the ocean, so you not only have amazing views, but you can also sit out on the balcony or patio and enjoy the fresh breezes from the ocean.

There are many modes of entertainment in a resort community. If you don’t want to go to the beach, you can spend the day lounging poolside or, for a more active day, you can enjoy a round of golf on some of the area’s best championship courses. If there is a course at the resort you’re looking to buy into, they usually offer memberships as one of your inclusive privileges.

Secure Facilities

You will have peace of mind when you are at the resort because most of the communities come with 24-hour security. There are always guards on site to keep the area safe for residents and for those that are just visiting. In addition, most of the resorts are equipped with modern technology to make the facilities more secure. Each inhabitant will have their own keycard to get onto the residential grounds, which restricts the area from undesirables and troublemakers.

Security can be very important in Thailand and Hua Hin is considered one of the safest resort areas in the country. It’s home to the King’s summer palace and there is a garrison of troops located in the nearby area. You can take tours of some of the summer palaces, most of which were built right on the beach. It is still a popular place for the Royal Family to visit, so you will probably notice an increase in security if you are there during their stay.

Onsite Amenities

There are many advantages to staying at a residential resort like The Energy, namely the onsite accommodations. If you don’t want to cook an evening meal and don’t want to leave the resort, you can dine onsite. Most of the resorts have fine dining restaurants where you can enjoy great meals around the clock.

Whether you are looking for a condominium to use as a summer home or you want to retire in exotic Thailand, Hua Hin has many residential resorts that offer world-class amenities to guests and owners alike.

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Budget Friendly Thailand Tour Packages in This Holiday Season

Budget Friendly Thailand Tour Packages in This Holiday Season

Thailand is also known as the Eden of modern days. It is truly blessed with breathtaking ocean views and amazing landscapes as shown in the movies. The country has been witnessing a surge in visitors’ year-on-year and topped the ranks of ‘World’s most popular tourist destination’. Approximately Thailand receives 16 million travelers a year and caters with full of its heart. Thailand and its capital city Bangkok are known for its warm and comfortable hospitality.

The best time to visit Thailand is during the cool season, i.e. November to February. Hotel rates and flight options during this time can be at its peak, so planning in advance will help in saving your time and getting best Thailand tour packages. You can also customize your plan as per your budget and add the nearby beautiful locations like Phuket, Pattaya and Koh Samui. Chiang Mai, the new city also known as rose of the northern is also increasingly loved by tourists. Tourists avoid traveling to Thailand during the monsoon season which falls during the June to October months. If you do not mind humid and wet season then you can save good amount of money in the off-peak seasons.

Travel and transportation options within and nearby areas of Bangkok is unlimited. You can take buses, trains, tuk-tuk, rickshaws, boats or hire cabs to travel within Thailand tour. Travelers also rent bikes at Chiang Mai as there are no public transport options available. Most of the tourists take trains as it is cheap and well connected. As soon as you arrive at the Thailand’s international airport, your tour starts right from the exit and the natural beauty of the location starts flowing one by one.

You can start with the ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples and head to the beaches. Enjoy water sports and lip smacking local cuisines. Sip minty cocktails sitting on the beach and enjoy the breathtaking views of the ocean. The bustling night life of Thailand starts as soon as the sun sets and party animals will fall in love with the options spice up their nights. Enjoy drinks, night clubs and enjoy the body thumping music. If you are a shopaholic then Thailand is your paradise as you would be tempted to spend all your earnings at the shopping hub. Famous locations for shopping are in Bagnkok are platinum mall, Chinatown, Sampeng Lane, Sukhumvit road, Siam area and Chatuchak. The list of attractions doesn’t end until you have visited the Grand palace and Golden Buddha. In fact the list is unending and keeps increasing, so book your Thailand tour package soon.

Before you book your Thailand holiday package, check the event calendar so that you can be part of the local events in the city. Moreover, check the ratings of hotel and compare flight rates. If you have limited time then hire cabs so that you can cover maximum places. The local currency is ‘Thai Baht’ and the conversion is approximately 2 INR for 1 Baht. Visa process is faster compared to other countries so start your power packed vacation soon. Enjoy your life and keep us posted.


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A guide to holidays in the Baltic region


Who on earth would anyone want to holiday in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania? For these are the Baltic States located in northern Europe on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea.

Until the early nineties this area was under strict Soviet control and virtually closed to the western world. Times, however, have changed; the countries successfully and audaciously broke away from the Soviet grip from 1990-1991.

One major consequence of this ‘revolution’ was to make this beautiful unspoilt region more accessible to holidaymakers.

Where to visit in the Baltic region?

A more pertinent question is where to start!

Thousands upon thousands of tourists have discovered the virtually untouched beauty of the Baltic region; wonderful and breath-taking countryside, sublime beaches, ancient architecture, customs melded and absorbed seamlessly with the commercialism of the 21st century.

The three countries nevertheless retain their own identities, religions cultures and cuisine. So much so that volumes could, in fact have been, written on the attractions of the Baltic region; let’s just look at a fewhighlights from each country.

Ok let’s start at the most northern point, Estonia.


Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia; it’s a wonderful place to visit, alive with monuments, museums and architecture glorying in the country’s medieval past. There’s also plenty of entertainment and cuisine to enjoy.

However there are many other places worth visiting, for instance Lahemaa National Park to the north of Estonia.

This is a beautifully preserved and maintained park. It’s a paradise for bird watchers, photographers, hikers, indeed all nature lovers and explorers.

There are breath-taking views and features, including pine forests and dramatic limestone cliffs; it’s all set in the vicinity of the beachy Baltic Sea coastline.


The capital of Latvia is Riga. Riga, lies at the mouth of the river Daugava, it’s therefore no surprise that water activities, from swimming and fishing to sailing and boat tripping, are big holidaymaker attractions. Furthermore Riga is renowned for its splendid mix of medieval and art nouveaux architecture.

Another huge attraction is the town of Sigulda.

The town is absolutely charming, surrounded by trees and sits idyllically on the banks of the Gauja River.

There are many activities for the more outward bound; caves to explore, an exhilarating cable car ride and a rare chance for even a novice to experience its famous bobsleigh track!


Vilnius is Lithuania’s capital city; it’s historical, contemporary and 21st century exciting! The city’s architecture is diverse reflecting its medieval roots and its subsequent transition to Catholicism; the imposing Vilnius Cathedra and pagan relics bear testament to Lithuania’s cultural diversity.

Another fabulous city just waiting for you to discover is Siauliai; especially its’ unbelievable Hill of Crosses.

The Hill of Crosses dates from medieval times and it is exactly as described, ‘a hill of crosses’ Symbols of a country’s resistance to invaders and ultimately its deeply held religious beliefs.

The hill now glories in literally thousands of these Catholic icons; it has to be seen to be believed. When you visit why not leave your own cross in memory of a loved one or simply out of respect for Lithuania’s deeply embedded culture.

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are relatively new-comers to the holiday scene; let’s hope it retains its’ cultural charm and unspoilt beauty for many, many years to come.


This article represents only the tip of an iceberg in its attempt to relay the stunning diversity and breath-taking beauty of the Baltic region. As if the Baltic States’ weren’t satisfying enough …. You can hop into neighbouring countries such as Belarus, Poland and of course Russia … Germany’s not that far off either.

The Baltic States; more of an unforgettable experience than a mere holiday!

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