Classic Escapes and Classic Holidays Reviews

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There is nothing as bad as subscribing to a holiday package only to find that it was all scam or not actually living to the expectations. Perhaps this is the main reason why you should be doing reviews on any holiday destination you may have booked just to be better placed in avoiding the uncertainties. There are many websites you can rely on to get quality classic holidays feedback on what to expect however none of them seems to be on point all the times.

Meanwhile, Classic Escapes and Classic Holidays are exceptionally famous in Australia among many holiday travelers and for this reason we wouldn’t want you to read anything that is cooked and very far from the real situation at these destinations. Our personal experience with these two hotels means that we are able to give an accurate depiction of what it is really like to be in there and our general review is that these are places to visit if you are need of something magical.

Classic Holidays has made it possible for families to enjoy really affordable holidays and besides this it is the serene environment that makes this resort collection to be truly magical. Many people who have tried it out have had positive reviews as an appreciation and this is highly welcomed as the point is that quality time and satisfaction is ever guaranteed. Classic Holidays resorts are evenly distributed along Australian coast and therefore anybody from NWS, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Murray Region can have easy access to the many resorts run by Classic Holidays.

Classic Escapes ranks at the same level as Classic Holidays especially when a breathtaking view, superbly amazing adventures and experience of ancient cultures are what in the mind of holiday travelers. The hotel is known for its affordable packages which guarantee quality time spent. The online booking experience at these hotels means that travelers have total control regarding when they would love to sample their holiday traveling.


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3 Summer Holiday Alternatives to Buying a Timeshare


Timeshares can provide a perfectly reasonable and realistic way to get the perfect holiday –  for some. For many more, meanwhile, timeshare can cost far more and not just financially, which you can find out more about via the Timeshare Consumer Association website. An organisation set up to help ‘timeshare victims’ become timeshare survivors, the information contained on its website is something everybody thinking of buying a timeshare should give some careful thought before buying. It is also wise, before thinking of buying into a timeshare, to consider the alternatives. Hence, here are just three of the most interesting on offer in 2016.

Rent a Timeshare

Not sure whether to purchase a timeshare? Why not experience enjoying a holiday, or even all of your annual summer holidays, in timeshare properties without ever being responsible for paying the annual fees that are attached to them, or parting with the thousands involved in buying one?

Renting a timeshare from an owner who cannot or has chosen not to use it themselves is not only possible, but also a cost effective means of experiencing what timeshare properties can be like to stay in without having to face any of the hassle, stress or cost of buying one yourself. Further, renting timeshares enables holiday makers to holiday somewhere different (should they wish to) every year. So, to learn more about timeshare rentals, head over to the Timeshare Exchange website.

A Package Holiday

Opt to take a package holiday – it really is that simple. For those who do so it is also usually the most easy, stress free and cost effective means of getting away and enjoying a holiday too. After all, that is exactly why, unlike timesharing, package holidays have soared in popularity over recent years. Flexible, personable, inexpensive and stress-saving, package holidays provided by high street travel agents such as Thomas Cook often offer the perfect summer holiday solution.

What is more, for those hoping to save even more money, take a last minute summer break or who are just in the mood to change things up a little, giving your  high street travel agent a miss and instead searching through the deals via an online operator, such as Last Minute, can reap some very exciting, unexpected and cost effective results indeed.

Invest in a Holiday Property Bond Scheme

Finally, a relatively new idea and one which attempts to address or at least avoid many of the problems encountered by those who buy into timeshare properties, is the holiday property bond scheme.

Holiday property bond scheme work on a system in which ‘bonders’ swap their pounds sterling for points and collect those points up to later exchange for a holiday. Meanwhile, the money invested into the bond is pooled along with that of its other investors to purchase and create a jointly owned portfolio of holiday properties. Then, bonders can choose from a plethora of destinations, locations and accommodations and stand to save thousands over the course of their summer holidaying lifetime.

Most attractively perhaps, and as explained in more detail on the This is Money website, the real up-side of investing in a holiday property bond scheme is that it can provide genuine and actual investment potential. Whilst timeshare owners own a stake in the lease attached to a property, bonders invest in the value of the properties within a scheme’s portfolio. Hence, it is far easier to trade bonds. Meanwhile, the properties bought and contained within the portfolio put together by a group of bonders is there to be enjoyed and holidayed in – for free.

Then, to learn more about Holiday Property Bond Schemes, what it costs to join one and what you can stand to reap from doing so as well as the sorts of holidays you can look forward to enjoying, continue your research via the Holiday Property Bond website.

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Enjoy Your Next Holiday In Style


Work commitments and general life responsibilities prevent us from taking holidays as often as we’d like. For most of us, holidays are a once a year thing, with one or two weekend breaks added into the year for those lucky enough. Because holidays are far and few between, we don’t tend to feel guilty about investing our savings to make them spectacular. If you really want to create a holiday to remember, you should look into luxury lettings.

Luxury is something we usually don’t have enough of in our lives, so when you’ve saved your money all year for an unforgettable break, you can rest-assured that luxury lettings won’t disappoint. It doesn’t matter where in the world you wish to visit, you can find luxury condos, apartments and villas that will make you feel like royalty. If you really want to spend your savings on something you’ll truly love, find a destination which appeals to you and sleep in style in your own deluxe accommodation.

Create Ever-Lasting Memories

A holiday is more than just a new destination; it’s a chance to adopt a different life to the one you’re used to for a short while, and reward yourself for all your hard work. Below, we’ll talk about some of our favourite destinations to enjoy a splash of luxury. You can click here to see more luxury lettings.

  • A stylish abode in Prague – Prague is famous for being a city with incredible nightlife, but it’s also a beautiful city with magnificent architecture and rich history. You could enjoy the stag or hen do of a lifetime with your mates if the party scene is for you, or you could take your better half on an unforgettable sightseeing trip – all while enjoying a city centre view with a king size bed in a high-end inner-city apartment.
  • A luxury apartment in New Zealand – New Zealand has an extremely high quality of life and has modern sprawling metropolises as well as breath-taking scenery. You could have a luxury villa for a week featuring amazing views of the surrounding mountains and lakes.
  • A paradise in Phuket – Thailand is known for its amazing islands and beaches, with Phuket being one of the biggest attractions. Rent an exquisite condo in Phuket for a week, and you could enjoy a week of pure magnificence while enjoying clear blue seas and pure white sand.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you want to visit, you’ll improve your holiday exponentially by renting a luxurious condo, apartment or villa. You don’t need to embark on the same holiday every year by visiting a family resort or staying in cheap inner-city accommodation. Deep down, everybody wants to experience true luxury, and a holiday is the perfect opportunity to do just that. If you want to enjoy a holiday which will prove to be truly unforgettable, look to booking a week in your own paradise for your next summer adventure.

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Things To Check Before Booking A Vacation Rental In Laguna Beach

vacation rental on beach

Laguna Beach can be one of the best places in the world where you can spend your holidays, but in order to make your holiday in Laguna Beach most splendid it is important that you book the right vacation rental. The total experience of your stay during your vacation is directly related with the atmosphere and the services at your place of stay and hence choosing the vacation rental with care is important. You should check the following things about a rental before finalizing anything,

  • The cancellation policy: You actually need to be well aware about the cancellation policy of the vacation rental before you can opt for it. There might be a sudden emergency in your family and you might not be able to reach the place on your booked date. So, just to be ready in such cases, you should ask beforehand about the cancellation policy of the rental and if they can shift your booking for a later date if you are not able to reach on the particular day and need to postpone.
  • Details about the child and pet policies: There are some rentals that might not allow a pet and many rentals might not be actually friendly for a child. So, if you have a child or you are planning to travel with your pet, always confirm in advance about the child and pet policy of the rental just to avoid any issues later.
  • The parking: When you are booking a vacation rental in Laguna Beach you also need to confirm about the parking space available with the rental, because you just cannot leave your car on the road. Many travel rentals might ask you for extra rent for parking your car while some like the Sunset Cove Villas vacation rentals will provide the car parking as an added facility with the room rentals. So, confirm in advance.
  • The 24×7 attendant: This is another point to check before booking a vacation rental. You need to know if there will be a 24×7 attendant at the desk to provide you with anything that you might need or you will be left alone during the night or for the whole time. In case there are no 24×7 attendant in the rental ensure who you should contact and communicate with in case there is a sudden emergency or need.

The four points mentioned above are most important to check before booking a vacation rental in Laguna Beach.

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Where Do You Want to Go on Holiday? How about Brighton?

Holiday travel

One of the places in the UK that lives up to its name is Brighton, a seaside resort town that is often popular for getaways. As colourful as it is vibrant, Brighton engages holiday-goers with a number of featured attractions. Brighton is a “Regency era” town, one that supports the architecture of that time period and the city’s long-standing seaside holiday traditions. Holiday-goers enjoy visiting the Brighton pier as well as dropping in at the Royal Pavilion.

A One-of-a-Kind Holiday

If you are seeking a unique one-of-a-kind holiday escape, you can find it bursting from the beach-front spots in Brighton as well as the lovely scenery within the town limits. The Sussex countryside surrounding Brighton also offers guests such attractions as country homes, castles, forts, parks, and gardens to visit and view.

Short-term Accommodations: What Is Available

Naturally, if you visit Brighton, you will want to find short-term accommodation – flats or holiday homes that you can obtain at the very best price. Available accommodation include group holiday houses, large weekend homes, boutique flats, self-catering cottages, and serviced flats, each of which are available during full week events, in the mid-week, or on the weekends.

Your Stylish Home Away from Home

Whether you wish to stay in a boutique holiday cottage in the centre of town or would like to obtain a flat for a romantic getaway, you will find a place where you can truly relax and call home. Many of the stylish, high-quality holiday lets in Brighton include both self-catering and resort-type properties. Therefore, you are sure to find just the right flat or house as your home away from home.

Holiday travel

Short-list Your Choices

Make sure you contact a company that can assist you in finding the aforementioned holiday accommodations. The company should be able to support the needs of families, large groups, or couples. Take a moment to look at the accommodations online to get an idea of what is being offered. Once you take a look on the Internet, you can shortlist your choices and make your travel plans.

What type of exclusivity do you wish the property to possess? What is you threshold with respect price? Once you determine what you can afford and where you wish to locate, you can make a more solid decision for a property.

Stylish and Comfortable and Location-friendly

If you are staying at a place that is uncomfortable or below your expectations while you are on holiday, it can affect your remaining travel plans. Therefore, when you choose accommodations in Brighton, make booking a property your first priority when planning your itinerary. The place where you stay can have a decided impact on what activities you plan for your holiday as well as your overall level of comfort. Therefore, make sure that the accommodations are stylish and comfortable and meet your location needs. Once you find a property, you can pursue your holiday itinerary with greater confidence and ease.

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