Bahrain is another country which is rich in tourist destinations around the world, visitors around the world will like some lovely and nice destinations only found in the country. The country is well appointed and unique with beautiful beaches to sample; the country is not that big but full of amazing and breath-taking tourist destinations. The country is rated the second after the UAE within the GCC countries, the Persian Gulf region is ideal with Islands to enjoy your holidays, Manama city is one place where tourists have a lot to enjoy from nice hotels, heritage sites, world life, important destinations and more.


a) Manama is the capital city of the country with many tourists’ spots to explore, there are lovely hotels and many sites to exploit while in the city, the weather condition is warm almost throughout the year.
b) Manama has many hotels and restaurants worth staying while there, the hotels cost depends on your pocket whether expensive, medium or low cost, Ramada hotel, Golden Tulip Hotel, Gulf Gate Hotel are some of the hotels which are moderately cost.
c). Bahrain National Museum is located just within a short drive from the city center, it’s near King Faisal Highway with many historical records to explore, all historical facts, archives can be accessed from the Museum, many hotels nearby.

d). King Fahd Causeways are a number of bridges which were constructed to link Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, the 25kilometers long bridge which goes through the Gulf of Bahrain is an attraction, the bridge is about 65meters high, lovely scenery can be viewed around.


a) Are a group of Islands just off the coast of Bahrain Gulf within the country, the Islands are spread and interlinked forming one major spot known as Hawar city, many pristine hotels with panoramic views of the Sea can be enjoyed here.
b) The nearness to the pristine blue water gulf of Bahrain makes the Island another great place to visit while here, Tulip Inn Hawar Beach is one nice hotel with all facilities just touching the blue water of the Gulf.
c) Jazirat Hawar is another place to enjoy many water sporting activities, the destination ideal for family’s outings with power boating, jet sky ridding, swimming, windsurfing and many activities around this Island.
d) Hawar Resort is also located within the Island just near the Gulf, the resort offers fresh sea food, water sporting activities, panoramic views of the Persian Gulf, lovely beaches dinner at reasonable costs.

Muharraq City

a) Just within about an hour or less drive from the main city, the city has many things to offer with splendid accommodation facilities, the city being the former capital city of Bahrain has still much to offer tourists.
b) Traditional houses of Muharraq: these are series of traditional buildings which have been preserved and renovated in the city, the houses offers significance in traditional heritage, one of such houses is the Shaikh Ibrahim bin Mohammed house within the town centre.
c) Arad Fort is another attraction to woo visitors in the region, just lying at the coastal side near the blue waters of the Sea is this old Fort which was built by the earliest Portuguese, it still has many chambers and artifacts to explore in a serene view.
d) Moevenpick Hotel is one of the best hotels around, at some seasons it offers up to 50% discount in its services inclusive of accommodation costs, the hotel offers one of the best in food, accommodations, site seeing, water sporting activities, other hotels are nearby too.
Zallaq City:

a) Zallaq is a village near the Manama city with lovely beaches, the village is known for offering pristine destinations for honeymoon holidays, and it’s just about an hour’s drive from Manama city to go to this village with spa hotels.
b) Sofitel Spa, the hotel is one of the spa hotel found only in this village with unique offers, well-appointed accommodation facilities, spa facilities offered nowhere else within the GCC countries, lovely food and fulfilling accommodation.
c) To travel to Zallaq you need a flight which can be easily arranged by traveling agencies in the area, many visitors prefer taking the SUV s to tour the region seeing other nice spots.
d) Zallaq Beach, the Beach is a public beach found in Zallaq village, many travellers goes to enjoy the open tents as they have a BBQ, drinks and fresh sea foods, there are a number of children playgrounds especially for family outings.

Sitra City:

a) Sitra is another destination which will make your visit to Bahrain be very fulfilling, you just to drive for about thirty minutes from the Manama city to reach there, it’s more of a town village with just about 40, 000 living there.
b) The Sitra Island is ideally located with beautiful views of the Persian Gulf, the city is found within the Eastern side of the Bahrain Island, the city is within the reach of Manama on its Southern side.
c) The city is a major industrial area and region in the country; it offers Oil handling activities for the whole country with heavy trucks moving by all over its width and breadth.
d) Historic Villages, the city has several historic villages which offers inhabitants accommodations, the villages are seven in number one being the Sufala and Qurayya villages, visitors can enjoy the culture and friendliness of the locals, several hotels can be found here.
There are several other places to visit with many attractions to view and enjoy, a visit to Jabel Dukhan will lead you to the legendary and mystic Tree of Life an attraction which is very unique, a visit to Manama will lead you to several Souqs which are beautifully built, apply for your Bahrain visas and start exploring the country.

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