House Sitting Made Easy – Where to Begin As a House Sitter

Everyone starts somewhere. Even professionals were once a novice and they had to find a way to gain experience and build a name for themselves. The same is for housesitters. You have to start somewhere. In most cases, you will get rejections from homeowners as you do not have experience in housesitting. Luckily you can start locally where you are likely to be accepted as a housesitter. Some homeowners will ask for short term house-sits which can last for less than a week. You can jump on such opportunities to start you off.

Local housesitters will probably depend on referrals from their neighbors for the homeowners to accept them in their homes. It will thus be good for your resume as a housesitter. It is never too late to get started. You, however, have to know what it entails and how you are expected to act once you are in the house. Privacy will be a priority as you are only there to housesit. The following tips will help you to get started:

Spread the word

Let everyone know that there is a new housesitter in town. Take it to the social media and tell your friends. Ask them to spread the word to their friends. From there, you can build your profile on websites that offer such a platform where housesitters and homeowners meet.

Start early

For example, if you are employed and intend to go for a long-term leave in two months, you can start looking for places to visit. It helps to start looking early such that when the day to go on leave arrives, you already know where to go. It keeps your schedule intact for your vacation in an area where you will be housesitting.

Be flexible regarding the opportunities you get

You may housesit in a place where you do not want to visit. Do not mind the area. Just go for it. Remember that you are doing it for adventure and you want to explore the world. As a beginner, you cannot afford to choose where you want to go.

Don’t get into it for the money

Housesitting is free for most parts of the world. You can consider it as a hobby or for the purpose of adventure. If you are adventurous, then this is for you. You can travel the world and housesit in most parts of the world that offer this service. Most homeowners are looking to save on the cost of hiring someone at a fee. In that case, if you can do it for free then it is highly possible that you will get the assignment.

Plan your trips

Almost every trip outside the city or country will require a travel visa and the cost of traveling. You have to incur those costs. You should know where you are traveling and for how long. Some areas or cities will limit you regarding the days or months you can stay since you are not a resident. Before you can accept any service as a housesitter, you have to research on such factors. Ensure that you can afford to travel concerning the cost.


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