Choose a Good Accommodation for Your Trip

Selection of a nice place for stay is very important part of traveling adventure. A good accommodation means, you can sleep well at night and hence you can enjoy better during the day. I usually book my room for first night in the city in advance, and go directly to the hotel to get rid of my luggage. There are few things that you must keep in mind for making choice of room.

Personally, I prefer living in a downtown area, as from there other visiting places, restaurants and museums are easy to reach. Moreover, possible transportation, bus, train or taxi is not far away. But it depends on the availability of room, if you dint get place in some central hotel, you have to opt for others.
Secondly, don’t forget to check the bath rooms, because in some cheap hotels they are not clean or there are problems with water supply system.
Next is the location of room, upper story rooms are usually better than ground floor as you can have view of city from the window or terrace, but keep in mind that in these rooms you have to face the problem of less water pressure.
Eating in your chosen hotel is not necessary; I always enjoy food at local restaurants. But in some far off areas there is no except eating at the hotel, in this case checking the menu before reserving the room is not a big deal.
Check the electric appliances in the room; if you are visiting Asia in summer season reserve an AC room, otherwise a fan is enough.
These few tips might help you in room reservation, but keep your options open, if you are visiting a place in peak season, you might have to ask for a camping site.


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