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When in Rome… you live la dolce vita, like the Romans do. All you will need is some spirit of adventure and a pair of good, comfortable shoes that will keep you going. Once you’re done visiting Rome like a tourist, you will want to dive into the chamber of secrets, or in other words, visit the more surprising hidden places or see things through the eyes of the locals. So, how do you “do as the Romans do”? Well, here are some starting tips.

  • Have On-the-Go Lunch

Rome is famous for being stacked with pizza shops from which you can buy pizza on the go. They come in a variety of toppings, and they’re sold by the weight. Use your hands to communicate the size of the piece – that’s how the locals do it.

  • Have Fun Navigating Side Streets

The streets around Campo de’ Fiori offer you a lot of interesting articles, from edgy clothes shops to art galleries and intimate wine. To find some bargains, follow Roman locals to the Via Sannio or the Borghetto Flaminio flea markets.

Pro Tip: In the afternoon, savor some sit-down cafes. In the morning, though, have a café latte or a cappuccino while standing at the bar. It will give you “local” points.

  • Enjoy the Summer

This can be done only if you go when the weather is warm. You can go towards Lake Bracciano for a day trip, which is just 25 miles NW of Rome. You’re going to find sandy beaches, as well as seafood restaurants, sailing opportunities, and windsurfing. Once you’re back in Rome, you can hit the music festivals of the open-air cinemas that often occur during the summer.

  • Rent a Place

You’ve lived like a tourist in a hotel. Now it’s time you lived in your own comfort as you rent an apartment or a small living area. You will make your own Italian foods with recipes you found out from the locals (or the all-too-useful internet). Plus, you will not have to worry about any extra charges from the hotel. The ultimate way to live like a local is to sleep in places similar to other locals.

Once you decide you want to “live the life of a local Roman,” the next step is easy: grab a plane and land yourself in Rome. But instead of grabbing the flashy yellow cab, go for a Fiumicino airport taxi to get you to your place of lodging. Some of them have really cheap prices, so look for the ones that suit your fancy the most. Plus, you won’t have to wait in line at the airport to grab a taxi, since the dispatched driver will be waiting for you when your plane lands. Furthermore, you can choose from any cars you want, from low cost to luxury ones, which will allow you to say “goodbye” to the tourist look. Have some fun in Rome and see the place through the locals’ eyes.


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