If You Love to Walk, Then You Will Love Hiking in the Italian Alps

walking holidays

While you can enjoy a walking holiday in various parts of the world, you will love the escape of walking through a region such as the Italian Alps. Self-guided walking tours in this locale enable you to view beautiful, unspoilt landscapes, and quaint yet charming villages. Ancient villages featuring chapels and a variety and fauna and flora make the area of Val Maira a walker’s paradisiacal retreat.

If you would like to take part in this kind of holiday, you can find self-guided tours that feature a variety of itineraries. Walking tours are highlighted in places like Austria, England, France, Germany, Montenegro, Romania, and Spain. Thus, you can walk in various locales just about anywhere in the world. However, that being said, you will not want to miss walking through the Italian Alps, especially Val Maira, given that this part of Europe is not overrun by tourists. Views are stunning, as you can imagine, and the temperature is ideal for most walkers.

When to Visit the Italian Alps

When it comes to Italian walking holidays, scheduling a tour for Val Maira is the ideal getaway. Walkers in this area usually schedule holiday tours from June to October, which is an ideal time to walk in this region. This is due to the fact that the temperatures will suit the temperaments of most holiday-seekers. Visitors to this area can visit parish churches and take daily walks that last around five hours. Usually, most daily walks are around 10km or 6.2 miles up and down the trails.

walking holidays

You will enjoy the southern slopes in this area of Italy as well as the altitude. A day’s walk, for example, above San Michele may follow a portion of the Lou Viol Dal Geneste. This circular route takes the hiker past forests of spruce and larch to rocky crags and grasslands. This includes the growing broom known as geneste. When you walk in this area, it is very easy to spot the various wildlife species that are native to this area.

Peace and Tranquillity

Some of the walks are longer and include overnight stays. For example, some of the lengthier hikes are approximately 18.5km up and down the trail or around 11.6 miles overall. The total walking times takes about eight hours. For instance, a walk from San Michele to Pone Maira enables the hiker to view a panorama that can only be described as breathtaking. Stopping overnight in Acceglio will help you appreciate the true peacefulness of the place.

When you schedule a walking holiday of this type, you cannot help but want to explore and schedule other future walking holidays. All self-guided walking adventure generally lasts about seven days. These itineraries typically include accommodations, breakfasts, dinner, and in some instances, picnic lunches. Walkers stay in lodgings such as renovated mountain huts or farmhouses. Additionally, travellers receive luggage transfers and maps as part of the overall package. Extras might include single rooms for accommodations, flights in and out of the area, public transportation, and travel insurance.

Even if you do not normally walk when travelling, you can find the ideal self-guided tour for you and a spouse or you and your family. Walking companies provide tours on a variety of levels for people of various physical abilities and ages.


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