Inspiring Examples of Famous Australians Who Were Born in the UK


Anyone thinking of moving from the UK to Australia will be following in some pretty famous footsteps. The truth is that many of the most famous Australians weren’t actually born Down Under.

In fact, a good number of them were born in the UK and moved to Australia later. The following are some of the most inspiring examples of those immigrants who found fame and fortune in their new home country.

Sam Worthington

Actor Sam is best known for appearing in Australian movies and then getting a big break in Terminator Salvation and Avatar. If we rewind a few years, though, we can see that he was born in Surrey. However, his family moved to Australia when he was just 6 months old and he grew up near Perth in Western Australia. Of course, he is a great example to anyone looking to start a new life Down Under, as he has forged an incredible career in the acting industry.

Sophie Monk

Another highly successful immigrant, Sophie made it big as a singer, actress and model after moving to Australia. However, she was born in London and only moved to Australia’s Gold Coast at the age of 2 when her family emigrated. She worked as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator before getting her first break on the PopStars show. Could you go on to make a bigger success of your life by emigrating to Australia from the UK?

Colin James Hay

You may not know this guy’s name but you would almost certainly recognise his voice. You see, he was lead singer of Men at Work on the classic Australian song Land Down Under. This iconic song is all about finding other Australians all over the world, yet the singer was actually born in Scotland. Colin’s family headed from Ayrshire to the land Down Under looking for a better life when he was aged 14.

Naomi Watts

You may have seen Naomi in Australian TV shows or films but she lived in the UK until she was 14.  Once she started going to North Sydney Girls High School she made friends with a girl called Nicole Kidman. However, she was born in Shoreham in Kent before moving to rural Wales and then Australia. Would you be happy taking a chance on finding a new life and looking for jobs in Australia? Plenty of people do it every year and end up with the life they wanted.

Guy Pearce

Did you realise that this actor wasn’t actually born in Australia? Guy was born in Cambridge and moved to Victoria with his family when he was only 3 years old. This is another terrific example of an immigrant making a great career in their new country, as he went from Neighbours and Home to Away to the likes of LA Confidential and the confusing but bizarrely entertaining Memento.

Julia Gillard

The first ever female Prime Minister of Australia wasn’t born in the country. She was born in Wales but her family were advised to move to a warmer climate because she suffered from bronchial problems as a kid. They settled in Adelaide and she went on to become the leader of her adopted country. The lure of a warmer climate and better lifestyle encourages many British parents to think about taking their children to Australia these days.

Jimmy Barnes

He isn’t so well known outside of Australia but Jimmy Barnes is a rock legend in his adopted home country. Jimmy was born in Glasgow and headed for a new life in Adelaide at the age of 5. He is now the proud holder of the title of Australian singer with most hit albums. The brilliant Khe Sanh, which he recorded with Cold Chisel, is regularly voted as one of the country’s best ever songs.

Angus Young

Another rocker who was born in Scotland but found fame in Australia, Angus moved to Sydney at the age of 8. His fantastic guitar playing and extravagant on-stage presence with AC/DC have led to him becoming a cultural icon. As with the rest of the hugely successful immigrants we have looked at here, it is impossible to know how his life would have panned out without his family’s move to Australia.

Olivia Newton John

Olivia may be a world away from AC/DC and Cold Chisel musically but her background has a lot in common with that of Angus Young and Jimmy Barnes. She was born in Cambridge and emigrated to Melbourne with her family when she was just 6. Since then she has gone on to become one of the bestselling artists in history.


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