Learning the Art of Surfing in Hawaii


Location, Location, Location

There is no better place to learn to surf then the birthplace of surfing, Hawaii. Hawaii is the most geographically isolated landmass on the planet, and the key to surf break is groundswell. This group of islands gets swell from all directions which combines with the wind, storms and currents of the Pacific to ultimately provide these beautiful islands with world-class waves.

The History of Surfing

Surfing is known in the Hawaiian language as he’enalu. It was first seen in 1769 by the crew on the HMS Endeavour commanded by Captain James Cook. When Europeans first saw people surfing they were amazed and impressed; Captain Cook’s lieutenant King called it “a most supreme pleasure”. Surfing was a central part of ancient Polynesian culture and the ancient Hawaiians did not consider surfing merely a hobby or sport, instead the Hawaiian people have made surfing part of their culture as an art form.

Where to Learn

If you are looking for surf schools in Hawaii, Waikiki, a protected beach on the south side of Oahu, is one of the best spots in Hawaii to learn how to catch your first wave. The waters at Queens and Canoes offer plenty of waves that are perfect for beginners to fall in love with surfing. For generations locals on Waikiki Beach know as the Beach Boys (Duke Kahanamoku is the most famous) have instructed visitors how to have fun on the waves with surfboards and outrigger canoes. Booths to sign up for a lesson are located along the beach at Waikiki, near the Duke Kahanamoku Statue.

You’ll also find surf schools in Hawaii that give lessons at gentler beaches at around Oahu. Lessons run between about 2 hours and are taught by experienced local surfers. Longboards make it even easier for to catch that first wave and steady hand from your instructor will help you get started.

The island of Kauai (The Garden Isle) has fifty miles of white sandy beaches. All of the beaches on Kauai are public, so you can feel free to explore as much as you want. One of the more popular spots is Poipu Beach, and a good beginner spot called Lemon Drops, perfect to learn on. On the southeast side of the island is Kalapaki Beach at the Nawiliwili Harbor that attracts many beginners and bodyboarders.

Maui (The Valley Isle) has great surfing and you never know when you are going to see a sea turtle from your surfboard. Some of the best beginner waves are found on Maui’s west and south sides. On west side you have the awesome west Maui mountains as a backdrop. On the south side, you’re walking distance to some of the best food in Maui. You can’t make a bad choice in surf schools in Hawaii locations. The Cove at Kalama Beach Park is the best beginner surf spot, think of it as Maui’s little Waikiki. A perfect place for first-timers, it’s a short paddle out from the beach and surfboards are for rent across the street.


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