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The last thing you want to think about when taking a cruise is any problems that may happen while you are on holiday. However, if you do find yourself in a predicament beyond your control, you will be happy to have insurance protection in tow.

An Unexpected Announcement

For example, suppose you are three days into a 7-night Caribbean cruise and are sitting happily next to the pool. All of a sudden, without warning, the captain of the vessel announces on the public address system that the ship on which you are travelling has developed a mechanical problem, which requires cancelling the entire trip. He has just announced that all passengers will have to disembark at the next port-of-call. Even though a cruise line will help financially to some extent, having cruise insurance will ensure that you have all your bases covered.

If you buy holiday insurance that covers cruise travel, the policy normally will cover and reimburse you for out-of-pocket costs, such as a hotel stay whilst you are waiting for the next flight back home. Additionally, if you possess cruise holiday insurance, you may be able to get back home in a faster amount of time. After all, guest services will probably be pre-occupied trying to rebook all the guests that have had to miss their voyage and trip.

Trip Cancellation

Holiday insurance for cruise travellers also covers trip cancellation. For example, suppose you unexpectedly get sick a week before your scheduled trip. If you do not have trip insurance and cancel the cruise, you will have to pay a high cancellation penalty and may even have to forego taking the trip. This type of cover also covers a missed connection or trip delay.

cruise holiday

For instance, maybe you are travelling to the airport when the taxi breaks down, which leads to you missing your flight. Or, perhaps you are taking the first leg of flights to a specific port and a mechanical malfunction causes you to miss a connecting flight. You also miss getting on the ship. No doubt, you will be glad to have travel or cruise cover if any of the aforementioned events happens to you.

Medical Coverage

Cruise coverage also protects you if your baggage is lost or delayed. Maybe you arrive in Miami on schedule, but your baggage ends up being misdirected. Cruise or travel cover covers medical expenses when you travel as well. If you need medical treatment when travelling, you can rest assured if you have the appropriate coverage. You will not have to pay exorbitant out-of-pocket costs if you need medical help either. Many countries require you to pay a hospital or doctor upfront. However, medical travel cover enables you to receive reimbursement for this kind of expense.

Play It Safe on Holiday

Cruise coverage even covers you if you and a friend plan a cruise and he is unable to go. Without insurance, you may have to pay a large cancellation penalty. The best kind of cruise coverage to buy is comprehensive travel insurance or a policy that protects you with respect to medical costs, trip cancellation or interruption, departure assistance, and personal luggage. The payments only begin at about £15.00 for around seven nights of coverage. Buy the insurance to play it safe while you are on holiday.


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