Making Sure You Get To Your Flight On Time


There’s nothing quite as bad as the heart sinking feeling when you miss a flight. Not only does it mean you might end up missing a social occasion, it can mean a big expense to re-book your flight, or stay overnight in a hotel while you wait for the next flight. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you get to your flight on time, and to leave plenty of time to account for the unexpected. Here are a few tips to make sure you don’t miss your next flight.

Check the airline’s check-in times

It’s important to work out the exact time to get to the airport, and remember that if you visit a different country, the rules can be different. In Australia, you usually need to check in about three hours before an international flight, and one hour for domestic, but remember that you might need some time to shop and find your boarding gate. Check your airline’s website to see when the desks will be open and find out the window of time you have to check in.

Organise your transport

Once you know what time you need to arrive, you can arrange your transport. Doing so in advance ensures you get a seat or space, and won’t be rushing at the last minute. If you are going to drive, look for long term parking in Melbourne that has shuttle services to the airport, and don’t forget to factor in the time finding your parking spot and getting the bus to the terminal.

Look out for unexpected events

There are lots of things that can come up at the last minute that could delay your trip to the airport, or mean you need to check in at a different time. Things you should do before you travel include:

  • Download the airline app – it’ll give you a quick notification if flight times change
  • Check traffic reports – if you’re driving to the airport check for any accidents before you leave
  • Reconfirm your bookings – if you’ve booked a taxi to the airport, call up and reconfirm your booking the day before
  • Double check that you’ve packed your passport and printed off your confirmation

By taking a few simple measures, you can avoid missed flights or chaos at the airport, and can ensure your journey is smooth and hassle free.

People generally don’t enjoy going to the airport, especially at peak times, as it can mean traffic and crowds, which is why it’s essential to get organised. Turning up late because of traffic or being disorganised means you can end up missing your flight, and airlines generally don’t have much sympathy for late comers. If you want to avoid the fees associated with changing your flight, then make sure you plan your route to the airport carefully, and have things like parking booked in advance for the fastest journey with the least possible hassle.


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