Memorable Meetings in a Remarkable Setting

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While it may not be difficult to ensure good attendance at a business conference that covers essential information, it may be possible to have great attendance if you present outstanding information in a magnificent setting. A good portion of your planning time should focus on where your conference will be held, and what the attendees will do during the time they are not conferring. Choose the right venue, and the conference can be one that will be talked about for a long time.

What steps are necessary to create an outstanding conference? The best place to start is with a question: What is the objective of this gathering? Set an overall goal that will guide all the other plans, including selection of venue. If you begin to feel overwhelmed, be sure to delegate some of the tasks. In fact, you may even want to have some of the attendees involved in the process.

Put ‘consistency’ high on the priority list, so that your great opening event is followed by activities that are even better. One way to ensure this is to hold your conference in a location that is memorable in and of itself, such as one of the Hunter Valley function venues.

Eye Opening Site

When people arrive at a conference venue, they immediately get some idea of what they can expect; they have a feel for what is to come. They have already made the decision to attend, based on conference material and location. If they arrive at the location and are somewhat in awe of the surroundings, you have won a big part of the struggle.

At this point, it is necessary to have unique presentations for your sessions. Find ways to bring the individual attendees into the activity. Make the ‘business’ part of the meeting rewarding, and you have completed your task. Whether you use a meeting venue that is comfortable for smaller groups, or a large, resort-style property that accommodates several dozen guests, it is essential to have both parts of the picture in focus.

Amenities in Place

Consider the amenities that the guests will have access to. A beautiful property in a magnificent setting will go a long way toward making the conference successful. If that venue offers professional catering, discounts for golf at area courses and guided tours of interest to the discerning guest, your gathering will be successful beyond your expectations.

This complete experience is certainly possible with such conference venues as Woolshed Hill Estate and Verona Vineyard Estate. Host a meeting for 15 to 20 overnight guests at Woolshed Hill, and your guests will enjoy swimming, tennis and a private golf course. For a slightly larger group, consider Verona Vineyard, with a large private swimming pool surrounded by spacious living areas. The Small Winemakers Centre and the Epicure Café are conveniently located on the estate.

These are just two examples of the magnificent conference locations available in Hunter Valley. If this sounds like it may be the perfect location for your next gathering, start the conversation today.


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