Moving Abroad – The Best Strategies For Integration


Moving abroad can be a life-changing decision. People move abroad for different reasons, such as work, travel or to experience a culture which is entirely different to their own.

One of the most important things you need to think about is the level of integration which you wish to have with the local surroundings and the population whilst you are living in a foreign country.

Some people choose to live in gated communities which are self-contained and mean that residents have little interaction with their surroundings. Other people choose to integrate themselves fully into the country which they have moved to. If you have made it this far in reading the article, we will assume that you belong firmly in the latter camp!

There are several effective strategies to make sure that your integration is seamless. Read this helpful guide in order to find out more.

Learn The Language

The best strategy for integration is to learn the native language. Start learning before you actually move so that you have a head start. Learn basic phrases so that you will be able to step off the plane and immediately begin to communicate, even if this is just with a simple greeting. You will encounter some difficulties at first and misunderstandings are common but don’t be put off. Perseverance is absolutely key. Use translation services by so that you can turn English into your new language.

The next phase is to hire a local teacher so that you can learn the language at a faster rate. Your teacher will be able to help you with any language difficulties which you are having. The trick is to try and assimilate at least one new word into your vocabulary each day.

Ask people to speak slowly at first when you are having a conversation in the native language. Accuracy is more important than speed, which you will pick up as you start to become more confident in your abilities.

Eat The Food

One of the best aspects of moving abroad is trying the local food. Be bold when you are choosing dishes: you could be in a roadside restaurant where there are many dishes which you are unfamiliar with. Instead of sticking to a safe choice, why not order something which you have never had the chance to try before?

In some countries, you might experience an upset stomach after trying new food. Don’t panic, because this is perfectly natural – it is just your body’s way of adjusting to your new diet.

Dress According To Local Customs

Wearing clothes which are too revealing can be considered a faux pas in some countries. Always make sure that you are appropriately dressed for any occasion – whether that is visiting a temple or merely going to the local market. If you dress appropriately, you will leave a positive impression.

Follow this simple guide to making assimilation extremely easy and rewarding. Your new country will start to feel like home in no time at all.


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