When planning your summer holiday vacation, many people look for a location that is beautiful, exciting, and rich in history: Niagara Falls is a destination that fits all three! Straddling the border between the Canadian province of Ontario and the state of New York is a collection of waterfalls known as Niagara Falls. In the area immediately surrounding the falls, there are parks on both the Canadian and American sides that provide incredible views of the falls and the nature and wildlife that surround them. These parks make for beautiful outings and fantastic hikes around the falls.

Today the falls are protected, but in the 19th century during the Industrial Revolution, mills and factories on the American side threatened to damage the natural majesty of them. The “Free Niagara” movement fought for their protection and to keep the park that surrounds them free and open to the public. It took a decade and a half of fighting but the result was the Niagara Appropriations Bill, which was signed into law in 1885, creating the American Niagara reservation. The falls on the Canadian side of the border are free as well, but the surrounding attractions are not.

The best way to see the exceptional attractions are though sightseeing tours in Niagara Falls. When planning your Niagara Falls tour, you may want to consider using a local tour company to explore the area. A guide who has grown up in the Niagara area will know the local customs, traditions and history better than anyone else. Local tour guides bring incredible knowledge of the area, which adds a level of personalization to your vacation and increased safety.

Safety should always be a consideration anytime you or your family are on a vacation, especially if you have children. Local companies and guides are well versed in the locations and activities they are sharing with you, so they also know where and how things might go wrong. With their exceptional knowledge and training, they can prevent catastrophes before they even happen, making sure your happy vacation doesn’t turn nasty. With such a majestic, but also potentially dangerous site such as the falls, you don’t want to end up lost or somewhere you shouldn’t be! Should a health issue or injury arise, your guide will also be able to take charge of the situation and ensure those who need assistance receive it as quickly as physically possible.

A local guide will also be able to cater your trip to your needs, proving you with only the sights you want to see, nothing else. Big chain tours often use a standardized tour format with little room for deviation whereas a local company can make your Niagara Falls tour a personalized experience. While you are explore the sights, they will be able to address your questions and personal interests.

On your Niagara Falls tour, you will have the opportunity to experience one of the natural wonders of the world, visit two countries and see the inspiration for movies such as 1953’s Niagara and Pirates of the Caribbean: at World’s End. Niagara is an incredible location around which to plan your summer holiday.


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