Putting Together an Amazing Monterey Golf Getaway


California’s stunning Monterey County is among the most popular golfing destinations in the entire nation. People who want to enjoy unforgettable Monterey golf vacation experiences are in luck. Planning an amazing Monterey golf getaway can be relatively easy and straightforward.

Breaking the Bank is Optional

Golfers who want to hit Pebble Beach Golf Links don’t necessarily have to reserve accommodations at pricey hotels such as the Inn at Spanish Bay or the Lodge at Pebble Beach. They can often reserve tee times the day in advance. They can sometimes even reserve same day tee times. This can reduce their costs in a big way.

Pebble Beach Isn’t the Be-All and End-All

A Monterey golf vacation can be a success without Pebble Beach Golf Links. If you want to enjoy golf in Monterey without having to spend too much money, you can look into nearby Spyglass Hill. Spyglass Hill isn’t as busy as Pebble Beach Golf Links. It’s also significantly cheaper. Its ocean landscapes aren’t shabby, either. To know more about the place and options simply visit the

Lodging Options Are Plentiful

Monterey golf getaways can get expensive fast. You don’t have to limit yourself to upscale hotels in the area since there are plenty of budget-friendly inns and hotels available to visitors.

Consider Visiting Seaside

People who visit Monterey for golfing should always have open minds. If you’re looking for a golf vacation that’s simultaneously economical and amazing, Bayonet and Black Horse in Seaside should be high on your list. This course makes a fine choice for people who are interested in inexpensive yet enjoyable sessions.

Don’t Hesitate to Visit the Valley

Don’t assume that the Valley is devoid of great golfing experiences. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Consider golfing at Carmel Valley Ranch, Quail Lodge and Rancho Canada. These golf destinations are ideal for people who prioritize amazing food, majestic views, attractive landscapes and beyond.

Explore Some Terrific Dining Options

The Monterey Peninsula is paradise for food lovers. If you want your golfing trip to be unforgettable, you should make dining out a focus. The region’s dining establishments serve wonderfully fresh seafood, contemporary American fare, Italian cuisine and more.

Don’t Restrict Yourself to Golf

Monterey County is a golf haven and offers much more than that. If you want your vacation to be well-rounded, think about enjoying other activities in the area. These include wine tasting sessions, shopping and hiking.

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