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Australia is so big; it is actually both a country and a continent. The size of Western Europe, this amazing land has so much to see and do, with several different climate zones in a single country. If you are thinking of having a holiday in Australia, there are several options available. You could book a regular package holiday, but with so much to see and do, you would be limiting yourself to one location.

Self-driving is the way to go

With such a wide range of places to see and things to do, the best way to achieve this is by hiring a camper van. A quick online search for motorhome rental in Australia will reveal several reputable RV hire companies, with a range of top quality vehicles to suit every requirement. With smaller units that are perfect for a couple, up to a larger RV’s that can sleep six, all come with the facilities one would expect (plus a few more) for a tour of this kind.

The vehicles

With years of experience behind them, the makers of these RV’s have incorporated the latest technology with the knowledge they have, to produce vehicles that are equipped with everything you could possibly need for an extended trip.

Here are just a few of the features,

  • Full A/C and heating
  • Pressurised hot and cold water
  • Gas cooking facilities
  • DVD player with LCD screen
  • Toilet and shower facilities
  • Power steering
  • Fridge/freezer

The routes

With so many to choose from, there is something for everyone. If you have the time, then Adelaide to Darwin is a popular route. Taking an average of 20 days, there is much to see and do along the way. There will be a one-way service, which means you simply leave the vehicle at your destination and travel on from there, offering the ultimate in convenience.

If you prefer a shorter trip, then Alice Springs to Darwin is a perfect choice, as it takes one week to complete the run. Travel through the real outback with Kakadu National Park as one of the attractions. Scenic gorges, cascading waterfalls and breathtaking vistas await on this pioneering trail.

Comprehensive support along the way

By using a professional company with many years’ experience, you have peace of mind, knowing that your holiday will not be spoilt, should you encounter any problems. Replacement vehicles are always on standby, ready to be dispatched to your location, should it be necessary. With a range of comprehensive insurance packages, you can rest assured that your trip will be a memorable one for all the right reasons.

Make new friends along the way

One of the great surprises people have when they set out on a self-driving tour is the friendliness of the locals, who are well known for being hospitable and willing to help. Not only that, you’ll meet many others who are enjoying a similar experience and lifelong friendships often begin like this. So plan your holiday and let the professionals supply you with the right vehicle and support, leaving you to enjoy what can only be described as a unique experience.


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