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Single-Trip versus Multi-Trip Travel Insurance: Which Do You Really Need?

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Travel insurance is essential for anyone planning on travelling abroad. Not only do these policies often cover medical expenses, but they can also cover your entire holiday plans as well as your belongings.

Every year, travellers in the UK often face the same question: should I take out single-trip travel insurance for this one holiday? Or should I take out an annual policy in case I happen to travel again later this year? To determine which will best suit your needs, there are a few questions you need to ask:

How Many Times Do I Plan to Travel This Year?

Travellers need to first look at how many times they plan on travelling this year, so they can then look for the least expensive quote they can get for their trips. If you are planning to embark on a ski holiday in France one weekend, and then think you may just vacation somewhere else in the UK over the summer, then single-trip insurance may end up being a better financial decision for you.

If, however, you are planning on going on more than one trip abroad, then a multi-trip insurance policy may be a better choice. For example, if you want to visit the United States this year and also plan on spending two weeks in Greece this summer, a multiple-trip or annual insurance policy will likely be best.

trip insurance

How Many People Are Travelling Each Time?

Another important factor to take into account is how many people will be travelling with you every time you leave the UK. Family policies are a more economical option if you plan on travelling as a group, but keep in mind that family policies often share the level of coverage offered. For example, if your family policy offers £1000 of trip cancellation coverage, then that will be split among all four of you. In contrast, if you have an individual policy, then the single individual would be covered for the full £1000.

How Much Coverage Do I Really Need?

Determining how much coverage you really need will come down to what other travel insurance coverage you may already have through other insurance or credit cards. Then you need to work out how much additional coverage you need so that your entire holiday is covered.

Often times the cheapest travel insurance policies will not offer you or your family the right level of coverage. You need to take a number of things into account, including:

  • Having adequate coverage for medical expenses (including emergency medical transportation)
  • Having adequate coverage in case your trip is cancelled (some policies will also cover cancelled pre-booked activities)
  • Having adequate coverage for lost baggage
  • Having adequate coverage for the belongings you will take with you on the trip

Annual policies tend to offer greater levels of coverage, but they are often more expensive. Most companies that offer single-trip travel insurance are flexible in what types of policies they can offer you, so you can customise your policy to suit your needs.


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