The Benefits of Renting Linen for Your Hotel

hotel Linen

Linen products are used in large quantities in hotels. The bed sheets, towels, napkins, and tablecloths are all made of linen. If you are the manager of a hotel, you will need to invest a considerable amount of money in buying linen products. However, most hotels have strategic partnerships with linen hire companies. Rather than buy their own linen, they tend to rent the linen from another company.

There are many hotel linen hire companies in the UK. They offer a wide variety of different products, ranging from serviettes and tablecloths to full sized bed sheets and pillow cases. There are many benefits of renting linen rather than using your own. Here are a few of the biggest benefits.

Saves Money

One of the biggest reasons why you should consider renting linen rather than buying your own is because it saves money. Linen products get dirty and damaged quite quickly. Within a few months of washing, your linen tablecloths and bedsheets will get faded out. It won’t be long before the fabric gets frayed and looks old. If that happens, you will have to order more linen products for your company. Therefore, this is a recurring expense. Rather than go through all the hassle, most hotels just contract linen hire companies to do the job for them.

hotel Linen

Another major reason why most hotels generally rent linen is because they don’t have to set up their own cleaning departments. Linen products get dirty very quickly. The tablecloths and serviettes are changed as soon as a customer leaves the table, while the bed sheets are generally changed every day, or after an interval of two or three days. Therefore, the linen products need to be cleaned on a daily basis. For this purpose, you have to set up a proper laundry department, which requires a considerable investment.

Rather than use the money for setting up a laundry department, you could reinvest this money in order to improve your services. Most customers generally pay a lot of attention to the quality of the linen. If they are paying a premium to stay at your hotel, they deserve top of the line service.

Allows You to Focus

Managing the dirty linen can get quite hectic for hotel managers. Rather than set up a separate division that might diminish the quality of their core services, they contract linen hire companies for the job. The company will take all the dirty linen from your hotel in the morning and deliver fresh linen depending upon your requirements. This way, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the linen at all.

In case the quality of the linen isn’t up to the mark, all you have to do is pick up the phone and launch a complaint. Most companies that offer linen hire services generally have very responsive service departments, so your complaint will be resolved within a few days only.


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