The Bits and Bolts of Planning a Trip to the Wonderful Arctic

The Bits and Bolts of Planning a Trip to the Wonderful Arctic

Traveling is always an exciting experience. Tourists are in search of exotic and unique places that would give them unforgettable impressions and a completely new perspective on the world. Have you ever thought about the Arctic? Nowadays everything is possible. You can rest in comfort and enjoy a fascinating permafrost view. Modern providers can also offer you some breathtaking activities that will make your trip amusing and bright. For instance, Poseidon Expeditions gives a great opportunity to see the entire arctic panorama with helicopter sightseeing, while whale watching and Arctic hikes are also available polar travel options.

Before going to the Arctic, you should remember that it’s an enchanting place with snowy landscapes, but it is also a place with severe weather conditions and extreme temperatures. You have to be fit and healthy for it, and make some preliminary preparations not to get sick or frozen to death.

Arctic Preps: The Arctic Wardrobe

You won’t need many clothes for this kind of trip, the main things you better take with you are:

  • Thermal lined, waterproof pants
  • Thermal underwear
  • a Head dress
  • a Scarf and gloves
  • Special footwear
  • Goggles and a barrier cream

Your clothes must be warm and layered; layered clothing protects from cold better because the air trapped between layers and serves as thermal isolation. However, during the cruise, tourists are often given big, warm parkas.

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So, You Are Ready! To What?

Preparing for the polar expedition is only a part of your astonishing experience; if you have planned such an extreme and unusual trip, you should know what you can see there. One of the brightest and the most astonishing natural phenomena is definitely northern lights. It arises in the sky as different kinds of arcs and many-coloured moving veils. This thrilling sight can last from one hour to a few days. Such luminescence happens when charged particles emitted by the sun hit gas molecules and atoms in the most airfree part of the Earth’s atmosphere. The most common type of northern lights is arches that arise at from 60 to 100 km altitude. Red-coloured lights are formed at 900-1000 km, and change their color to violet at lower heights. Green rays and flashes are formed in the layers nearest to the Earth.

What is more, the polar day and night can be considered the marvels of nature. The polar day is a period when the sun doesn’t go down below the horizon for more than one day; it can last for many days from vernal to autumnal equinox. Polar night occurs in the Arctic in winter when the sun doesn’t go up from the horizon for more than one day. At the North Pole, it can last from autumnal to vernal equinox, which is the incredible 176 days!

Another beautiful Arctic phenomenon is an ice flower. It is a bunch of ice crystals, no more than 1-1.5 inches in length. They arise only when there is a big difference in temperatures of the ice surface and air. For this reason, they are short-lived and disappear when the temperature is harmonized. You will also be lucky if you see a unique kind of atmospheric precipitation – ice rain. Each drop of this rain contains liquid water covered by ice!

Coming there, you will prove to yourself that Arctic definitely fascinates with its ice glory and the marvels of nature. Despite the bone-chilling cold and some discomforting conditions in this barren, unhospitable land, you will get the most vivid and impressions of your lifetime!


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