Lord Ganesha, also known as Vinayaka and Ganpati, is one of the most renowned deities in the Hindu Pantheon. His image is widely used in countries like India, Nepal, Thailand, and Sri Lanka. He is one of the most iconic deities in Hinduism, with the famous elephant head setting him apart from other deities. The locals revere him as the remover of obstacles. They pray to him to solve problems and regard him as the guiding torch of wisdom and intellect. He is one of the first gods who was present at the beginning of all time and is widely honored in various ceremonies and rituals.

Managed by the Thangprathan Foundation, the International Park at Amphoe Khlong Khuean is one of the ultimate tributes to Lord Ganesha. Those who want to worship Ganesh, or สักการะพระพิฆเนศ, as the locals prefer to call it, can visit the park and offer their prayers.

The Salient Features

The park itself is one of the most beautiful tributes to the lord of all wisdom and intellect. It has the world’s largest bronze statue of Lord Ganesha, which was created over a period of four years. The statue is almost 39 meters tall, including the base. Out of his four hands, one is depicted holding the sugar cane while the other holds jack fruit.

The other two hands grasp a banana and a mango. Exceptional attention to detail was paid to the statue, as it’s showing Lord Ganesh stepping on one foot, since that depicts prosperity. The lotus is shown as a robe around his waist, which is a symbol of peace. The bracelets and anklets are a clear symbol of wisdom and intellect. The statue was constructed by the Chachoengsao Association, whereas the park is currently under the management of the Thangprathan Foundation.

Amenities and Opportunities

Apart from harboring the world’s largest bronze statue of Lord Ganesha, the park has also created plenty of jobs and made it easy for the locals to conduct business. Every week, a supermarket is set up in the park where locals sell fruit and other produce. You can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as a variety of other souvenirs. Tourists from all over the globe visit this park in Thailand because of the picturesque design, the towering statues, and best of all, the chance to meet with the locals!

The park is located in a centralized location and isn’t very hard to find either. The supermarkets are located in a closed-off section of the park, so you don’t need to worry about vendors and sellers standing around in the middle while you go on a walk. The management makes sure that the park remains neat and clean and has a very strict policy in place for vendors who might want to set up shop in different areas of the park. It’s a great place for recreational activities and allows you to take some time off from your busy work schedule and relax for a while.


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