The Pontoon Makeover From Simple To Luxurious Boats

Luxurious Boats

Pontoons have always been used for gently gliding or slowly sailing in the waters. Of course in the past, this was more of a necessity than a desire for the same. But now the modern improved pontoons exhibit incredible speeds both in inbound and outbound curves in the waters. They are also much more stable and have increased passenger capacity thereby increasing their utility.

The changes on the deck

With plush interiors making it look very stylish and abundant amenities, these luxury pontoon boats have become very popular in the past few years. These boats have managed to amalgamate technological advances with brilliant deck designs to make boats which have:

  • Ergonomically balanced seating arrangements which are comfortable, relaxing and enable face to face conversations
  • Rear facing, deep set loungers with ample storage spaces below are present in spacious aft area of the boats. In fact the storage space has been considerably increased by enabling each and every cushion to be pulled out and accessing the storage area beneath
  • Multipurpose stylishly decorated tables perfect for eating and drinking
  • Wash areas, changing areas and in built toilets which enable the passengers to enjoy longer periods of sailing
  • A sleek and sophisticated looking dashboard for the captain to command the boat
  • Raised helms which give a wider range of sight
  • A mini-kitchen with a built-in refrigerator for entertaining guests onboard
  • Fully integrated swim platforms with sturdy ladders so that passengers can get in and out of the water easily
  • Tow bars for water skiing, wakeboarding etc.

Luxurious Boats

In fact some luxury pontoon boats also come with four Biminis and camper options which when opened can be used to protect passengers from cold or rainy weather.

Some uses of luxury pontoons

These luxury pontoons can be used for a number of things like:

  • Floating pontoon dinner parties with nautical themes seem like a unique idea,
  • Pontoon tournaments with board games can help fill the gaps between conversations and also add an element of fun,
  • Floating birthday parties is a novel way to celebrate a child’s birthday by going in for themes related to fantasy adventure to make it a memorable occasion,
  • Gatherings of pontoon clubs like bird watching, book reading, wine and beer clubs etc. ,
  • Block parties with several pontoons docked at the same place and
  • Even camping adventures.

There are a number of ways in which luxury pontoons can be effectively used to add an element of fun and joy in the lives of friends and family.



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