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Although you may enjoy visiting Bangkok on business or with your family on vacation, you won’t want to miss the beaches of Thailand. This country is known for its pristine white sandy beaches that border the Gulf of Thailand or the Andaman Sea. One of the most popular beach resort areas in the country is only about an hour outside of Bangkok, in Pattaya.

What to Do in Pattaya

The beach resort city of Pattaya is the second most popular destination in Thailand, after Bangkok. It is on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand and is well known for its beautiful beaches. If you are visiting Bangkok, you only have to travel an hour or so southeast of the city to hit the beach. However, if you want to do more than swim or lounge on the sand, there are many attractions you can visit in Pattaya.

Traditional Shopping Experiences

For a more cultural Thai shopping experience, you can visit the Four Regions Floating Market, which is the first and only floating market in the city. You can buy food, crafts and souvenirs from vendors in small boats along the docks. Or you can hop aboard a boat for a ride to rice fields, be taken to traditional houses, watch wicker crafting and visit a Thai kite shop. The floating market is open every day, during the day, but there are also opportunities to shop at night.

Pattaya is a tourist town, so if you want an escape from the tourists in the area, you can visit the village of Naklua for a glimpse of the Thai lifestyle. You can visit the fish market in the morning, or stay and shop at the night market. In between, you can try traditional Thai dishes at some of the best restaurants in the area before going back to stay at your accommodation in Pattaya at the Citrus Parc Hotel.

Sanctuary of Truth

This is one of several places where you can see some traditional forms of entertainment or try your hand at elephant or horseback riding.  You can watch Thai boxing matches, see cultural shows or just tour the building called “the magnificence of heaven recreated on Earth.” The sanctuary is decorated with wood carvings that honor the religions and philosophies of Thailand.

Adventure in Pattaya

If you want to try something more adventurous than elephant riding, Underwater World in Pattaya offers opportunities to leave your accommodation in Pattaya and spend the day diving and swimming with sharks or rays. You can also help feed koi fish from bottles or spend the night with some of the other animals that live there. Afterward, you can return to the safety of the Citrus Parc Hotel to relax.

There is much more to do in the second most visited city in Thailand then hang out on the beach or go swimming. While you can enjoy the amenities of the luxurious hotel in which you’re staying, you can also visit many traditional Thai sites in the area.


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