What Do You Need To Know About Camping In Jaisalmer Desert?

Sam Sand Dunes Camping

Out of many tourist activities in Jaisalmer; camping in the desert for a night and enjoying a dinner on the desert sand is considered as one of the most important and romantic activities. Before you plan for this camping, here are a few things that you need to know about this activity.


Most of the tents and camps are available near the famous Sam Sand Dunes. It is very famous for camel safari and watching sunset in the desert of Rajasthan. You can also find any non-touristy and unique places for your camp, if required.


The best time to camp in Jaisalmer is the winter season. The peak season for Jaisalmer camping is from October to February. To be clear, it is a desert and the climate would be very harsh and dehydrating in summer. The rainy season would not give a lot of showers but the temperature would be mild. The winter season starts in November. This is the time when the temperature varies from mild to chill and makes it easy for you to roam around the desert.


There are a lot of private companies that provide camping services along with safari. Each package would be different which might or might not include transportation, desert dinner, sightseeing, cultural programs, camel safari, jeep safari and others. Choose the package that suite you well.

Luxury camping

If you are up for it; there are luxury camps with Swiss tents, en-suite bathrooms, air-conditioned bedrooms, verandah with good view and a lot more. It is exactly like the camping but, you would be enjoying a lot more facilities than a normal camper.


Pack a lot of cotton cloths and also thick woollen clothing. The night would be very cold and the morning would be warm. Have your own bottle of water as you are practically in the middle of a desert. Moisturizer or protective clothing for your face will be essential if you are taking the camel safari. Thick shoes would ensure safety while walking in the sand. It will be picturesque beyond your imagination so; does not forget to pack your camera.

Desert camping is not the only activity in Jaisalmer. There are a lot of palaces, monuments and others for sightseeing, many adventure activities to enjoy like paragliding, quad riding and others. But, do not miss the desert. You need to spend at least a day or two enjoying the desert, taking jeep or camel safaris and other activities.

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