What Is An Agroturismo

What exactly is an agroturismo? Well the answer is- it’s a “farm stay” but, is also much more than that and this is the best way to experience Italy’s countryside. Typically, a luxury Agroturismo hotel Ibiza is a farmer owned farm, whose owners have decided to partially use their farm for accommodation purpose (similar to hotel).  Unsurprisingly, tourist love to stay there to feel rather informal; there you will not see a reception area and not many guests, in the morning you will be woken by roasters, and you don’t have to have book rooms a month in advance, just call them a couple of days in advance.

A brief on Island Ibiza

Ibiza is an island situated in the Mediterranean Sea, about 150 kilometers from the coast of the city of Valencia, in eastern Spain. This island is the third largest of the Balearic Islands and earned a name for it because of its many tourist spots. In the last two decade or so, across the island, old and traditional farmhouses are being (or converted) into luxurious and stylish rural hotels. The beauty of this Spanish Island is that you spend a few days in an isolated hotel at the outskirts of town away from the daily hustle and bustle of life. With average temperature of 24 degree C you can enjoy a lazy afternoon at the beach or swim in the pool.

Luxury Agroturismo hotel Ibiza

Ten years ago this island had only a couple of Agroturismo, but now according to official report Ibiza has more than 20, this something which adds to the advantages to this island as a charming tourist spot.  Some years back they were are referred as working farms that had a few rooms for tourist, and the tourist those who want to explore the true beauty of Ibiza would spend a day or so in these farmhouses and these rustic outbuildings helped the farmhouse owners, to earn some extra monthly income. But, now thanks to the global urbanization, these farmhouses have been converted in luxury agroturismo hotel Ibiza and have become a major talking point among the tourists and major source of income for many locals of Ibiza. In many agroturismo, farming has taken a back seat. However, these agroturismo, guarantee same old farm woodland feeling, with fresh local cuisine and peace of mind.

Enjoy the food at agroturismo

One of the best parts of staying at luxury agroturismo hotel Ibiza is the food, at most farm-stays; you can have full breakfast and dinner in just 20 to 40 Euros (per person). Meal is often cooked with farm’s freshly prepared produce like eggs, meat, wine, olive, etc. And, many of Italy’s best traditional dishes aren’t available at big Italian city restaurants.

Plan to spend vacation with your family in the late September or early October to avoid high season tourist crowds. Moreover, you will get discounts on vacation packages and you will have more time to chat with interact with locals.


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