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Why Choose Classic Escapes as Your Best Holiday Provider?

Why Choose Classic Escapes as Your Best Holiday Provider

Classic Escapes is a legitimate holiday club known for its excellence in helping families enjoy affordable holidays since 1978. Giving attention to detail of each and every member is our forte that permeates every action we take. It is probably the success mantra of how we have grown from our small initiative into Australasia’s largest holiday club Management Company.

Since its inception in 1978, the company has been serving the industry. Now they have attained strength of 650 employees and 65,000 club members in Australia and New Zealand. They have built authority on the values of honesty, integrity, commitment and faithfulness. You can ask the members or people who are working here, they will let you know how Classic Escapes maintained its standard in organizing holidays for its members.

With myriads of holiday providers to choose from, why would you choose Classic Escapes as the only holiday provider?


Affordable Accommodation

Quality and affordability are the two important considerations everyone should look for. The main reason that people would take interest in joining this exclusive holiday club is the access to affordable high quality accommodation, which consists of various activities and other great features.

Remove the Stress

It is not difficult to book a flight or a hotel online, but what is to be done if anything goes wrong? Whom do you seek advice? How do you know whether you are getting a good deal? Classic Escapes offers its members a comprehensive done-for-you service that reduces the stress out of organising a holiday and allowing you relax and enjoy your vacation. Here are some tips on planning for stress-free vacations by Classicholidaysreviews.

Recognized Travel Partners

Classic Escapes works with reputable travel partners, such as Ramada, Cosmos, Qanta Holidays, Best Western, and lots more, to organize a wonderful travel experience for its members. Their association with most trustworthy partners will give you the peace of mind that your holiday and travel arrangements are properly taken care of. Classic Escapes are also members of other tourism associations, including AAA, Athoc, ARDA and others.

It is More than a Holiday Club

Classic Escapes holidays bring to you an opportunity to explore the world. Here you get the chance to spend time with family or friends and to create memories for lifetime with your loved one. It is about having a priceless experience that makes your soul alive.

Overall, it is one of the most acknowledged holiday club that assures relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether you want to undertake some adventure or spend some quality time with the people you love or care about, it is incredibly important that you have the opportunity to do not the things that you want, but something special you need to do to be cheerful and healthy.

Classic Escapes are exceptional entertainment community. Join this group and enjoy exciting excursions all round the year to extraordinary destinations. Now, it is easy to take that special someone away to a romantic vacation or plan your next family outing to a special destination.


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