Why You Should Take a Bus for All Travels


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Buses are often given a bad rap. After all, what mostly comes to mind when people think of taking a bus is usually a dirty city bus that makes sudden, jerking stops. Or perhaps some people think of a school bus and bad memories come to mind. However, using a bus for local or cross-country travel has a lot of benefits. You might think that you’d rather take a train or drive your own car, but here are a few reasons why you should take a bus for all of your travels, whether you’re staying within the boundaries of your own city or trekking out to new pastures.

It boosts the local economy and helps the environment

If you’re staying local, taking the bus is great for the environment. After all, when you drive your own car, you are releasing greenhouse-gas emissions into the atmosphere, which leads to greater pollution. In areas where everyone drives a car, the pollution is of higher density. However, when you take a bus, you are contributing to a much greater cause. It takes at least three people riding a bus to break even with driving a car, and if a bus is carrying at least 15 people, think of how many carbon emissions you’re cutting down on. Buses use 60 percent less energy per passenger mile than Amtrak, and those are statistics anyone can get behind.

If you’re celebrating a big event – like prom or a wedding – you can rent a Party Bus and help boost your local economy. You’ll have a blast with all of your friends, and you can cut costs on transit if you all contribute.

It’s cheaper than train

Traveling cross-country by train gets all the hype. However, you will save money when you travel by bus. Especially if you’re in the United States. Traveling by train can cost over $100, whereas traveling by bus will be easily under that. It’s a good way to see your surroundings without sacrificing a pound of flesh.

If you’re worried about time, you don’t cut out too much time taking a bus over a train. Often trains will require multiple connections, and if you’re unfamiliar with a train station, you could potentially miss your next train because the connecting times were too close together. Or you might have the opposite problem: a connecting train isn’t coming for another two hours and you’re stuck at a station for a while. A bus may take longer in some ways, but honestly, the time difference isn’t that big.

You can see the world

Everyone fights for the window seat on airplanes, but there’s a tragic irony when the person sitting at the window seat ends up pulling down the blinds for the entire trip. Not that we speak from personal experience, of course. However, when you ride a bus, even when you aren’t sitting next to a window, you still have a decent view of the scenery. This isn’t even the case on certain trains, which often go through tunnels, or have window designs that cut off right at your seat.

But with buses, you have guaranteed scenery. You can sit in a pretty comfortable chair, relax, and stare out the window as you watch the rolling hills and trees sweep by.

Some buses even come with their own tours. Your bus driver can double as a driver and a tour guide, giving you helpful and interesting trivia about the area you’re passing through. Some drivers even play music that fits the area that you’re driving through, which only adds to the atmosphere of the drive.

Overall, there are many great reasons to travel by bus instead of train or even plane. While planes cover a greater amount of distance in a shorter amount of time, a bus can save you money. Buses are good for the environment, more energy-efficient than trains, and you can enjoy a beautiful world as you pass through country and towns.


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