The amazing accommodation in Waiheke Island will make even the most bashful visitor feel at home. What makes a vacation with them so special?


The properties offered by Waiheke Escapes are not just a place to put your things while you enjoy the beach. They are outfitted with modern furniture and designed to make you feel like royalty. The plush carpets and palatial beds will help you feel welcomed and rested after a long day in the sun. The colour palettes give the spaces a contemporary feel and will create a holiday that you will never forget.


Not only do these rentals offer parking for your car, but they also offer docking for your boat. Some of the spaces are very near the water, giving you a great view of the Waiheke Island shoreline.


Depending on the space you choose to stay in, you may be able to bring your pet. The properties are thoroughly cleaned between visits, meaning that you and your pet will have a unique, unforgettable visit, uninhibited by any messes left by previous visitors.

Luxurious Extras

These spaces provide additional amenities that will make your visit a special memory. One of the extras Waiheke Escapes provides is a balcony. Some of the spaces are very close to the beach, so you will be able to smell the salt in the air, feel the wind from the ocean, and see everyone enjoying the beach. You will also have the luxury of enjoying Wi-Fi access while on holiday. You will not need to worry about making other accommodations to connect to the internet and post your beach experiences. The amazing accommodations in Waiheke Island will have you wanting to plan another trip soon.

Art and Culture

In addition to having a comfortable place to spend your time in, the activities available on the island will keep you entertained throughout your stay. You will have the opportunity to explore the Maori culture in Waiheke Island through different tours. These will provide you with insight into their culture and the opportunity to experience some of their favourite activities.


Rent a bike and explore the island in an exciting and unique way. You can get your exercise while on holiday with a variety of bike hire options. Rent for a short time or for the whole day.


If you prefer an activity in the ocean, kayaking would be a great adventure for you. You can opt to have a guided kayak tour or a self-guided experience.

All of these accommodations will help you enjoy your holiday on Waiheke Island. Not only is the island beautiful and a great place to enjoy being near the beach, but you will also have comfortable lodging. You can choose how large of a space you would like and whether you prefer an apartment or a house. You will also have a multitude of activities to choose from, so you are guaranteed to enjoy your visit to Waiheke Island.


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